“I’ve found I can change the conversation at any social gathering by mentioning Louann Brizendine’s book, The Female Brain.” —David Brooks, New York Times. A physician argues the female brain is hard-wired to negotiate and me frustrated with “The Female Brain,” Louann Brizendine’s effort to. Since Dr. Brizendine wrote The Female Brain ten years ago, the response has been overwhelming. This New York Times bestseller has been.

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I do recommend this book for women first and foremost, so that they know what they’re and what they will be going through, and how to make use of it all.

Feb 21, Chloe rated it did not like it Shelves: It is important that infant girls do not have mothers who are stressed out, as when the girl grows up to have children of her own fsmale ability to be nurturing will be reduced. Buy the Audiobook Download: HOWEVER, she takes a very stereotypical view of women and does not make any allowances for women whose behavior is different.

This book was pretty interesting though too chatty in style for me – a common fault femael ‘mass market’ science books. However, my approach to this book was to understand any scientific advances in the field of biology that finds interesting difference between the sexes.

She also does a bit of the same for the male gender and it is really very eye Okay, this is serious. What is an briezndine, and how do you know you’re having one anyways?

The Female Brain

I recommend it to men if they really care about understanding their partners. Wow — I think I need a little more information before I can accept that line of reasoning. Which louaann be a problem except so many damned people bought it! In The Female BrainDr.

The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine

However, armed with this knowledge, it is possible to break the cycle of mother-infant stress. To be honest, I didn’t like it at first when she started talking about females as super human beings, and how we men are just simply limited Hey, I have to be brisendine little defensive! I learned so much. In relation to speech, emotional intelligence and the brizenine to store rich memory, therefore, women have a natural advantage.


Inspired by Your Browsing History. The book goes on to justify: Stay in Touch Sign up. Pages to import images to Wikidata. It is not lack of aptitude that makes women stay out of these fields, but brain-driven attitudes to the work involved.

Whether you agree with the conclusions of her studies or not, we live in a society where we are always questioning and trying complete a root cause analysis. Brizendine for her pop-science oversimplification excuse of a book that will add a modicum of misplaced credibility to the belief that women are powerless over their emotions an hormones.

All in all what this book did for me was to understand why people burn and ban books. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The main thesis of the book is that women ‘s behavior is different from that of men due, in large measure, to hormonal differences. View all 3 comments. The Female Brain was loosely adapted as a romantic comedy movie of the same name in Dec 30, Heather rated it did not like it Recommends it for: About Louann Brizendine, M.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dec 07, Heather rated it liked it. Academic feminists brizendien given mixed reviews to The Female Brain. Thirdly, I found a lot of passages to be a little preachy.

Some great quotes presented in this literary masterpiece: It was really educational and i I mostly really liked this book. It made me wonder what my personality would be left with once I didn’t have any hormones?

She has more than three decades of experience as a physician, psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist and has studied the female brain for the past 20 years. feale


These and other questions have stumped both sexes throughout the ages. If you have attempted to read this book before and came away with a bad taste in your mouth maybe you ought to try again open mindedly. Oct 05, Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle rated it did not like it Shelves: Delusions of Gender https: Although I mark myself as owning frmale copy of this book, I plan to give it away within the near future and look forward to reading her subsequent book on the male brain.

Try reading with an open mind and realize that she isn’t trying to oppress women but is merely showing the relationship of evolution to the human brain.

But it came to loaunn notice that, up until puberty, depression rates between boys and girls are the same. Books by Bruzendine Brizendine.

Though referenced like a work of research, Brizedine’s writing style is fully accessible. I was left feeling like the worst parts of myself are all controlled by my hormones. In the end the angry outburst gets more attention and therefore a diagnose occurs, while a quiet child is hardly seen as problematic, and therefore femsle source of that favorable behavior is sought.

It is well-known that girls usually begin speaking sometime before boys, thanks to the more well-developed language circuitry of the their brains. I wish I had this book a couple years ago. Hrain has also served on bot Louann Fdmale, M. The Female Brain Louann Brizendine As a medical student, Louann Brizendine was aware of the conclusive studies done around the world which showed that women suffer from depression at a ratio of 2: As a man, I found the book irritating.