This illustrated treasury of proverbs unites the timeless wisdom of Black communities in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas, while speaking to the triumphs. 1 quote from Lifelines: The Black Book of Proverbs: ‘If everyone helps to hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired.’. Lifelines has 11 ratings and 2 reviews. This little book contains the wisdom of the ages, and is guaranteed to produce a smile of appreciation at the she.

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It is, in the words of author Pearl Cleage, a book “to be read, to be absorbed, and to be treasured! The book is packaged with a historical look and feel, even down to the illustrations.

Artist Katie Yamasaki puts her all into proverb work, and her illustrations transform the book into a timeless keepsake. In case you’re wondering, good things still do come in small packages. Star ratings in yellow are from our Staff Reviewers. Star ratings in green are reader reviews.

Anyone can post a reader review, so post yours today! We have all sorts of YABC buttons for your website. Grab one here and link to YABC! FAQs Advertise Become a member. Books Kids Fiction Lifelines: The Black Book of Proverbs. This little book contains the wisdom of the ages, and is guaranteed to produce a smile of appreciation at the sheer sense of the proverbs you will find inside.


From advice you wish your mother had given you, to things you probably suspected, but had never put into words, Lifelines is a book to be read, absorbed and treasured.

Lifelines Quotes

The Black book of Proverbs travels to all corners of the globe to reclaim and preserve African wisdom. This book offers the remarkably wise heart of Africa and her children to readers experiencing career changes, new births, weddings, death, and other rites of passage.

Lifelines illuminates lifeelines traditions, civilization and spirit survive and thrive, despite centuries of loss of freedom, family, identity, language, land, and wealth.

The proverbs offer wisdom for every stage of our lives. Collected in one place proverbz never before, it is the perfect addition to the book shelves of families large and small, from Nairobi to New Orleans and every city in between. User reviews 1 reviews.

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Lifelines Quotes by Askhari Johnson Hodari

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