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Table of contents11 Setting up your camera Table of contents4 Doing more with your camera To choose a storage location for pictures and videos, see page A card can only be inserted one way; forcing it may causedamage. When the Readylight turnsgreen, press theShutter buttoncompletelydown.

Kodak EasyShare Z1275/Z1285 digital camera — User guide

For moreinformation on framing marks, see page 5. Taking a videoPress the Shutterbuttoncompletelydown andrelease. To stoprecording, pressand release theShutter buttonagain.

Todismiss the quickview sooner, press the Shutter button halfway. DeleteThe picture is savedunless you pressthe Delete button. Using the framing marks to take picturesFraming marks indicate the camera focus area. Capture modeForGeneral picture taking. When the Shutter button is pressed halfway,Smart Scene faces are detected, the scene is analyzed, manuql the best settings areapplied. People in low-light scenes indoors using a higher ISO. DigitalImageMinimizing the effects of camera shake and subject movement.

Kodak EasyShare Z/Z digital camera — Extended user guide

SportSubjects that are in motion. Shutter speed is fast. The camera uses infinity auto-focus. Auto-focus framing marksare not available in Landscape.

The background gives the sense of movement, while thesubject appears still. Candle light Capturing the ambiance of candle light. SunsetCapturing the deep hues seen at sunset. Optical zoom is effective when the lens is no closer than 24 in. Press the button repeatedly to scrollthrough flash modes. See flash modes below. Flash modesFlash firesAutoWhen the lighting conditions require it. FillEvery time you take a picture, regardless of the lighting conditions.

In low light, hold the camera steady or use a tripod. For best results, use a tripod. Individual pictures are not saved, even if panorama capture iscancelled before stitching occurs. Picture size is set to 4. The flash is set to Off.


Press Reviewagain to exit. Pictures taken at the 3: Pressduring playback to play at 2X speed;press again for 4X. Pressduring playback to reverse at 2Xspeed; press again for 4X.

Only one sound tag can be added to each picture not to videos. Recording a sound tag1 Press the Review button, thento find a picture. Press the OK button. The sound tag is applied to your picture. PictureCropped picture2 Press the Menu button, thenEdit tab. The picture is cropped. The original is saved. Croppedpictures cannot be cropped again. VideoPictureto find a video. Press the OK buttonto pause. Pressto navigate through videoframes.

Setting bookmarks1 Press the Review button, thento find a video. Choose Bookmark, then press OK. When finishedadding up to 9 bookmarks, press.


Using bookmarks1 Press the Review button, thento find a video. Video4- 9- orup pictureto find a video. Choose an option, then press the OKbutton: The camera includes the first and last frames, then 2, 7, or 14equally spaced frames. You can set the displayinterval from 3—60 seconds.

Kodak Z1285 Digital Camera User Manual

To scroll through the seconds quickly, press and hold. The interval setting remains until you change it. Viewing by date, album, or image storage location1 Press the Review button, then the Menu button. Multi-select is used most effectively in Multi-Upmode, page A check mark appears on the picture.

You can nowprint, easyshxre, or delete the selected pictures. You canpress OK a second time to remove a check mark. Some settings remain until you change them; others remain until you turn off the camera.

Color ModeChoose color tones. Auto default —automatically corrects white balance. Idealfor general picture taking. Daylight—for pictures in natural lighting. Tungsten—corrects the orange cast of household light bulbs. Ideal for indoor pictures under tungsten or halogen lightingwithout flash. Fluorescent—corrects the green cast of fluorescent lighting.

Red-eye Pre-flashChoose if the Red-eye flashfires automatically before apicture is taken. The camera automaticallycorrects red-eye, when theRed-eye Pre-flash is amnual to Off. Auto default —the camera uses the card if one is in thecamera.


If not, the camera uses internal memory. Internal Memory—the camera uses internal fasyshare if a card is installed. Set AlbumChoose Album names. On or OffPre-select album names before you take pictures or videos. Reset CameraReset picture-taking settings to their defaults. Doing more with your cameraP and M modesUse Program and Manual modes when you want more control over your cameraand pictures.

The camera automatically sets theProgram shutter speed and aperture f-stop based on thescene lighting. The highest level of creative control. To preventblur, use a tripod for slow shutter speeds. Use the Menu button to control all other settings. The mode options are displayed. Doing more with your cameraShutter speed—control how long the shutter stays open.

Aperture— also known as f-stop control the size of the lens opening, whichdetermines the depth of field. Focus mode—select a large or concentrated area of focus. A person swinging agolf club. Camera takes up to 30 pictures while theCapture an event whenShutter button is pressed.

When the Shutter the precise timing isbutton is released, only the last 3 pictures are uncertain. A child blowing outbirthday candles. Only the first picture in Panoramamode can be adjusted—that adjustment is applied to the remaining pictures. An exposure compensation level between Doing more with your cameraUsing the histogram to view picture brightnessUse the histogram to evaluate the distribution of light before or after you take apicture. Optimal exposure is achieved when the peak is in the middle ofthe histogram.

Doing more with your camera5 Press the Manuall button to exit the menu. To remove print tagging for all pictures in thestorage location, highlight Cancel Prints, then press the OK button. Printing tagged picturesWhen you transfer the tagged pictures mahual your computer, the Kodak EasySharesoftware print screen opens. For details, click the Help button in EasyShare software.