Followed by, Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence. Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types is a psychology book written by David Keirsey and. Buy a cheap copy of Please Understand Me II: Temperament, book by David Keirsey. For the past twenty years Keirsey has continued to investigate. Keirsey, David, and David Keirsey. Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence. First ed. Del Mar, Calif.: Prometheus Nemesis Book Co.

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His methodology emphasizes the four temperaments, as he defines them, to generalize about different aptitudes and needs. It’s pretty dense and can take a bit to read through, but it’s well worth it. I’ve probably taken at least 30 variants of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator since, and while the one provided in this book keisey the best, the profiles are top-notch.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. This is just an updated version with new material in it. The resulting four-letter type gives insight in typical beliefs, biases, strengths and weaknesses that ensue pease the test answers.

Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence by David Keirsey

Merry Oh heavens no! I also recommend it a few times a month to other writers.

The mating and parenting chapters were especially interesting. Lastly, I would say that Keirsey does well to remain descriptive and not too prescriptive.

Very highly recommended to anyone interested in learning more about themselves or those around them. Paperbackpages. He dedicates lengthy yet well-written chapters to each bunch: I’ve found it to be instrumental in helping me understand myself in ways that I had never considered before.


It’s also useful for figuring out exactly what’s annoying me about people, so that I can let it go, since it’s usually just a temperament difference. He breaks the 16 types into four main groups based on two factors: However, I do believe that our lives can be very influenced by the stories that we tell ourselves, I am a undfrstand, and I think it’s uunderstand to say that there isn’t really good science behind this book, or the Myers-Briggs.

Please Understand Me II : Temperament, Character, Intelligence

He divides up the 16 personality types based on 4 letter variables into 4 major sections: Oh, and a concluding warning. Views Read Edit View history. I of course learned more about myself as a parent than I did about my children – it’s always good to have understabd help “looking in the mirror.

Please Understand Me II: As he goes ij the sections, each the sections use the same broad syntax for how what they say is presented, but Keisey does a very good job not making it sound lame as he enumerates descriptions and traits of the types.

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Open Preview See a Problem? This book is accessible, and each personality is represented well, with plenty of interesting sociological insights. I found this book more helpful than others especially because it has enough categories to more accurately assess the multitude of types out there–there are 16 different temperament types, although they can be grouped into 4 larger categories. I also asked my hubby and kids to take this test so I could see where they fell and understand how to pleaze communicate with them.

Or perhaps it was the book’s essential message: I began pleasf hav This is a good pleade for all you Meyers-Briggs junkies out there. I tested my family and many of my friends and acquaintances with an online test, and thought intensively about the theoretical and practical implications of the tool i.


Feb 19, Wendy Sparrow rated it it was amazing Shelves: It has helped me appreciate and value the differences in others, and to see my own strengths in a new light. One of my many obsessions. God made each one of us all unique and our uniqueness is important we all have a purpose and a part to play in God’s plan.

References to understznd book Sustaining Change in Schools: It was interesting to see who is like us and who is opposite.

They are taken from the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory. Books by David Keirsey.

Jun 28, Donald Linnemeyer rated it really liked it. I am much more aware of the different ways people experience and process the world after reading this book, which allows me to be much more strategic and empathetic about how I man There’s a reason Nina says she’s lost track of how many plewse of this book keirseey has purchased, lent out, and then never seen again. Keirsey, I think, does well not to undercut the power of the individual.

Keirsey’s take on Myers-Briggs is an interesting, and seemingly valid one, though he says it does contradict Myers’ of Myers-Briggs analysis slightly.