Lastly, Paul will show that keeping in step with the Spirit is not self-‐focused . As J.I. Packer notes, “To be right with God the judge is a great. J. I. Packer’s Keep in Step with the Spirit focuses on the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Now in its second edition, this book is not merely a theological. In this new edition of his classic Keep in Step with the Spirit, J. I. Packer seeks to help Christians reaffirm the biblical call to holiness and the Spirit’s role in.

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Keep in Step with the Spirit by J.I. Packer | C.S. Lewis Institute

To start with, some people see the doctrine of the Spirit as essentially about powerin the sense of God-given ability to do what you know you ought to do and indeed want to do, but feel you lack the strength for. Examples include saying no to cravings for sex, drink, drugs, tobacco, money, kicks, luxury, promotion, power, reputation, adulation, or whateverbeing patient with folks who try your patience, loving the unlovable, controlling your temper, standing firm under pressure, speaking out boldly for Christ, trusting God in face of trouble.


What ought we to say about their emphasis? No, indeed, just the opposite. In itself it is magnificently right. Observe these key texts, if you doubt j.i.pacer. Christ, he says, gives strength endunamo j.i.packet, dunamoo, krataiooso that the Christian becomes able to do what left to himself he -never could have done Ephesians 3: And his own triumphant cry from prison as he faces possible execution is: There is no mistaking the thrust of all this.

What we are being told is that supernatural living through supernatural empowering is at the very heart of New Testament Christianity, so that those who, while professing faith, do not experience and show forth this empowering are suspect by New Testament standards. And the empowering is always the work of the Holy Spirit, even when Christ only is named as its source, for Christ is the Spirit giver John 1: So power kee Christ through the Spirit is a theme that should always be given prominence whenever and wherever Christianity is taught.

For not only is this, as we saw, a key theme in Scripture, it speaks to an obvious and universal human need. All who are realistic about themselves are from time to time overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy. Evangelical stress, therefore, on supernatural sanctity j.i.paccker the Spirit as something real and necessary has been and always will be timely teaching. Login User login Username: Create new account Request new password. Lewis Institute connect with us: I Packer, pp Support Discipleship Come partner with us in the call to develop disciples for Christ!


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Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in Our Walk with God – J. I. Packer – Google Books

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