Many servers have a default limit of 2 MB as the maximum file size. Consequently , some template files are considered as too big and cannot be. The following works perfectly for me: define(‘_JEXEC’, 1); define(‘JPATH_BASE’, ‘ ../’); require_once JPATH_BASE. ‘includes/’; require_once. The File Manager allows you to manage your site through HTTP rather than an FTP tool or other third-party application. You can upload, create or delete files.

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Get Easy File Uploader v2. It allows the administrator to specify a destination folder, and allows the user to upload cariccare to it. Looking forward to using the new version for Joomla 3 when I upgrade my site. You can have multiple tabs in the same article. But actually I think this is very reasonable and the aim of core functions is, to make the live of a developer easier make it easy to carricare save code and don’t bother him to much with very specific details. Always consult our documentations before asking a question on our forum, the answer is most probably there.

This is a great solution joo,la the support has been phenomenal. Ease of use Yes, top integration. In few minutes was able to make it work, and in a less then an hour integrated it in independent submission form – something that if you are a professional developer is a MUST.

Not rated 3 reviews. This extension comprises of a component, a content plugin and an editor extender plugin. Maybe I can implement that in the future but not before I know exactly how I want to cagicare security risks. Highly Recommended Kacey Posted on 15 May What does “Indica il file de caricare” mean?


Please note that since version 2. To be even more on the safe side I have now added code to inspect GIF comments. The following user s said Thank You: With the editor extender, placing your shortcode in the article is even easier than ever!

Easy File Uploader, by Michael A. Gilkes – Joomla Extension Directory

You may been to change. Support support is available if needed and online most days. Posted on 30 January No module class suffix Randy Garbin It works on one site but not another??? Note, though, that the tracking code will be added at the end of the list of script tags that Joomla generates, Documentation this is not work in joomla 3. caricarr

Just use the Contact form on my web page to get in contact with me! Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Ease of use it makes everything easy. If you use a version earlier than 0. Use Simple PopUp to show a message, as a image gallery, add any content to it from the Joomla Article editor.

Easy File Uploader

So first of all the upload in your test does not fail because of the size of the file but because of it’s content. This extension does NOT implement vile Joomla! Loading the Joomla framework worked fine in Joomla 2.

Functionality Works well on one site It has the feature of allowing the user to specify whether carricare filename listed should be linked or not. Posted on 29 November Ease of use Excellent.


This might not be exactly what everyone is looking for but I really think it is super cool. If a zip file contains executables like. When I send form with zip files, when the zip size is less than 5MB, form are send corretly, but when the zip file is larger than jomola, I reseived message: Hi, what is your Visforms Version?

Simple File Upload, by Anders Wasen – Joomla Extension Directory

He still improve adjustability and funcionality. Try changing this line which you currently have to a relative path as shown above. Useful extensions for Visforms which enable you to integrate your forms perfectly into your website and to perform special tasks which turn Visforms into much more than just a form generator.

Works well but with one major flaw Ian Young 3.

Post as a guest Name. Please apply for the paid forum support here and log in with the user id of the user with whom you have purchased the forum support.

Simple File Upload

Thanks for posting your comments. Pop-it up on page load or notpop-up only once for each user using cookies, add links through the Article as well.

Because allowing the update of zip files that contain executables may really be dangerous and should only be allowed if you know what you do!