TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Create a personal breakthrough, master smarter goal setting and claim the life of purpose you want to live today and every day. A Note From Jinny Ditzler. Welcome to Best Year Yet® where even your most impossible dreams can come true year after year after year! How can I make such . In Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler, she provides 10 tough questions for you to ask to ask yourself while planning so you have your very best.

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Next, look at what you have learned so far. Jan 22, Patty rated it it was amazing.

BEST YEAR YET – Official Site for Best Year Yet Worldwide, LLC

Your plan is not fixed. I would normally have avoided such a cheesily titled book but a number of people mentioned that it was helpful and in my flailing desire for some help, I ordered late one night from Amazon.

Though a simple exercise, aswering these ywt questions really brought some new information to the surface. It’s a great annual process to harvest what this year taught us and prepare for the New Yer in a focused and deliberate way. Decide which goals are the most important for you at the moment — have at least one for each role you play.

Focusing on just one role is vital — do not attempt to change everything at once. Have a go, discover what lies inside of you. Practice weighs more than theory. I used it to help me commit to doing my for project this year; I’ve used it to do everything from yaer increasing my book reading 78 in80 in to ditching spent relationships. But the style of writing really wasn’t for me.


Write down everything you can think of, no matter how small and insignificant it seems, connected to every area of your life. Because of the straightforwardness of this book, we recommend it primarily for beginners in the self-help genre, who are motivated to improve their lives.

Ever since then, the workshop has helped thousands of people in the United Ninny and the United Kingdom begin better and happier lives. As the current year ends, you probably promise yourself that the next year is going to be the best year of your life.

Even if you do not continue further with your plan, If you go through the whole process of self —questioning described in the workshop, you will learn many things about yourself and your limitations.

I might be the wrong reader for this one. Great for goals settings and a review of jinnny achievements over the last year. Quotes from Your Best Year Ye For right now though, I guess it’s not my need. Combines emotions with reasoning and provides an effective way to live well and in accordance to values.

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Like, 2 weeks longer. I liked the book’s approach of looking at the various roles we have in our life and how they relate to jinnyy values. Ditzlerr you can decide to stop limiting yourself. By the way, I loved besy back story of Jinny Ditzler and her husband Tim — two Americans in England long-term — folks after my own heart.

Dec 27, Claire rated it really liked it. Next, you will clearly know what you are focused on. It is very similar to others I have seen and used, but with a few twists that make you think about goals that are aligned with your motivation and helps you to focus on what are the most important things for you to do to meet goals. I particularly liked Jinny’s style of asking 10 questions, rather than telling you what you “should” set as goals for the new year.


I mean, if you really want to see good results, you need to do the workshop, make your own plan, then work on weekly, ditzldr, etc. I used it for first ditsler few years ago, and was really impressed with the results. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Having said that, I follow a different goal setting system now. A highly recommended read – simple, straight to the point, low on fluff, solid stuff.

Your Best Year Yet!: Ten Questions for Making the Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever

Well, of course, it won’t work out of nothing. Nov 21, Andrea James rated it really liked it Shelves: I read it at the right time Best goal setting book ever for me. Jan 21, Jeff Lampson added it.

When you have finished thinking about your values, your needs, your wishes, the roles you play in your life, and the goals you want to accomplish, you will have the three guidelines to your best year yet. This book provides the best structured yera to goal setting for a general audience of any title I have encountered.

I wasn’t raised on Zig Ziglar for nothing!