Honeywell International Inc. (“HII”) reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Intermec PX4I User Manual • Intermec Printers. PX4i – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Page RFID media. Before You Begin 3 In the Select a Product field, choose the product whose documentation you want to download. Page 52 Chapter 1 — Using the Printer 10 Route the media through the print unit and push it in as far as it will go. Customizing The Printer Home Page The web server generates these web pages with dynamic information on the fly. Product field to help you locate the product whose documentation you want to download.

This appendix provides an overview of the setup menu you can use to configure parameters for your printer. The keyboard layout you choose see the previous interkec applies for connected scanners too. Notification The method used to send an alert message. Page 78 6 Step through the Add Printer Wizard until you have successfully added your printer.

Testfeed [value] Calibrates the label stop sensor ingermec a testfeed. The PX4i and PX6i support a maximum print width of four or six inches, respectively. Page Everett, Washington U. Page Full media width Recommended Speed Read only Speed of the current connection. The PX4i and PX6i can print on labels, tickets, tags, and continuous stock in various forms.

For help, inetrmec the Intermec The LSS must be aligned with the gaps, slots, or black marks.


Intermec PX4i User Manual – Page 1 of 72 |

Advanced Configuration Advanced Configuration This appendix contains information on the printer file system and how to modify the appearance of the printer web page. Page 11 Turn the printhead lift lever clockwise so the magnet engages the printhead bracket. The Add Printer Wizard starts.

Submit Mail Settings to send the changes to the printer. Page When printing on RFID media, special consideration must be taken to the manuaal and shape of the tag. If you are using media that is less than full intdrmec, Intermec recommends that you adjust the position of the pressure arm so that it is centered on the media and provides even pressure.

Revised to support new dpi printhead. Before You Begin Before You Begin This pz4i provides you with safety information, technical support information, and sources for Chapter 1 — Using the Printer 2 Feed the media through the slot in the rear plate. The port number for raw TCP. Page 43 8 Route the media under the slack absorber and forward toward the print mechanism. Decrease the printhead pressure. Page 59 Chapter 1 — Using the Printer To load ribbon for thermal transfer printing 1 Open the front door and media cover.

Intermec PX4i User Manual

Page Chapter 4 — Inetrmec and Maintaining the Printer 9 Connect the two cables to the replacement printhead. Don’t show me this message again. Page 51 9 Route the media under the slack absorber and forward toward the print mechanism. Chapter 1 — Using the Printer To load media for peel-off printing 1 Turn off the printer.

Each main menu branches out to a number of sub-menus. To load media for internal batch takeup printing 1 Turn off the printer. Printer turned The printer is off. Pull at the connectors, not at the cables. Keep your fingers away from cutting edges.


The license also enables Scan-to-Connect, which makes connecting additional PX4i and PX6i printers to your secure wireless network as easy as reading bar codes. It also contains information about accessories for the printer.

Agent Enter your user name and password in the entry fields. Page You can also use the CF card to upgrade printer firmware. Understanding Error Messages Keep in mind that some error messages: The Delay repeat setting represents how often intemec alert message will be sent when the preset value is reached. Chapter 1 — Using the Printer To load media for tear-off printing 1 Turn off the printer.


Specific recommendations for different kinds of Intermec-approved RFID media can be found on the Intermec web site at www. This screen appears the first time you turn on your printer. Page Read only Radio signal strength of the access point. The Intermec Fingerprint programming language and Intermec Direct Protocol allow custom-made messages to be composed and displayed according to the requirements of the application.

Bar Codes 2 Prints a vertical set of bar codes.

Intermec PX4I User Manual

Chapter 4 — Setup in Fingerprint Examples: Configuring The Printer Configuring the Printer Use this chapter to understand how to configure the printer, upgrade firmware, and download fonts and graphics. Agent address and Port in the text fields.

Be sure to measure the lateral position of the black marks with a ruler before loading the media.