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Guitar virtuoso Neil Zaza says Naga musicians striking right chords. Neil Zaza is a melodic instrumental guitarist who has become well-known for his technical accuracy and adaptation of classical works by Bach and Mozart into his own blend of neo-classical, melodic, guitar instrumentals. Zaza recently enthralled the Dimapur crowd in Nagaland on June 20, for the second time in two years. June 20 was World Music Day and Dimapurians were all in for a treat.

Is it their delicious food? It really is everything! I love the people there as they are so kind and friendly. They have a real passion for music and are a pleasure to perform for.

I think it is a really beautiful place and I just feel at home when I am there.

Neil Zaza – I’m Alright (Live) Lyrics

It was great to be in Nagaland for the second time! Name five Naga dishes, if you could remember. As far as food, I have to really watch what I eat as I am a vegetarian and I am not zxza to the water in Nagaland.

In that, I eat very boring food when I am there as to not get sick.

Food is not one of the things that I enjoy in Nagaland as I have to be very careful with what I eat. All the places are very different and special. I remember the different crowds alrigt venues that I have performed at, but I am not sure of all the different cities that I am in.


I’m Alright-Neil zaza (piano cover) by Faldhi Rahman | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I have always had a good time in Dimapur and this past concert at World Music Day, Dimapur was amazing. You started out as a guitarist for a Rock band but unfortunately it was disbanded.

I think the most important thing is to be in a situation that you feel comfortable in and have a good feeling about. You should be with band members you love and you should be playing music that means something to you.

It is not about being in a band or going solo, but about being in the right or correct situation. Inyou contributed the song Fargo to the album project artists for charity — guitarists for the kids as a way to help underprivileged kids, would you be willing to do the same here in northeast India, if there is ever such initiative? Your first performance in India xaza year was the first time, how different was it this year?

It was just bigger this year. Last year was introducing my music to the people and fans of Nagaland. This year we were already friends so everyone knew what I did and the music I played and it was energetic and incredible from the very first note.

A,right was like playing to old friends. In that, I knew what to expect and how the fans react so it was just so much better.

It will even be better next time I am there. Are we going to xaza you to perform in this part of world every summer? I sure hope so! I would love to come at least once a year and play for the craziest crowd ever! How would you rate artistes, musicians and bands from Nagaland?


Do you think they have the calibre to deliver on an international stage? Everyone I have heard is top notch and is every bit as good as someone from another part of the world.

I really got to heil some great acts at World Music Day and was so impressed! Nagaland should be proud of the talent you have. Surely, they do and I have zazaa majority of alrlght from Nagaland. Simply love the music they produce. Any chance of collaborating with Naga musicians in the future?

Sure, if the opportunity is right and the different styles work together to make some incredible music. I would love the opportunity. As I said, there is some amazing talent in Nagaland! When can we expect a new album after Peach? Thank you for your time, I wish you health and good riddance. It will be a while before there is another CD from me. Peach took a long time to compose and record. I am just enjoying playing the songs off of that CD now and having the fans alrgiht the new music.

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