W zestawie znajdziesz idiomy zawierające nazwy kolorów oraz ich polskie Zestaw przeznaczony jest dla uczących się angielskiego na wszystkich poziomach. uczyş angielskich idiomów, zarazem bawiĈc Czytelnika. Kaİdy jčzyk ma stronie, na której zostaã podany idiom, znajduje sič jego polski odpowiednik, czčsto. Zbiór naturalnych zwrotów i idiomów angielskich, od średniozaawansowanych do zaawansowanych, przygotowany dla Ciebie przez studentów Instytutu.

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Blue laws are enforced in some of the European countries. I wonder how long this list must be by now. I got a pink slip today.

Colours – English Idioms And Sayings → Rozpocznij Naukę / Ściągnij Fiszki MP3

A state of strong emotion, excitement or activity. He was blackballed because of the serious argument he had with the chairman. I know that the invitation said “black tie” but it doesn’t mean you actually need to wear a black tie.


Something that moves very fast; 2. Absorbed in one’s thoughts usually unhappydaydreaming. Whatever she does, she does it up brown.

You did it to blacken his name! I couldn’t take it any longer, I just had to wave a white flag. It’s impossible to oolsko-angielskie a subject she has nothing to say about. He was found guilty of blackmail and sent to prison. Well, I know I should have told Alex the truth but I couldn’t bring myself to it.

A mean, despicable person. Suddenly the whole city became dark. I hit my pinkie today. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

You are green around the gills. This book is full of red herrings. A person who does such things.

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I hate polsko-angielkie prose. She must hate you! Blue movies are not for children! A law that prohibits certain practices that poolsko-angielskie considered inmoral for religious reasons on Sundays.

A prize for first place; something that is excellent, the best of particular group. I admit that I had some financial problems but I’m in the black now and everything’s fine. To avoid thinking about or remembering something usually because it is stressful or unpleasant.


Colours – English idioms and sayings

Something that costs a lot of money and is useless or troublesome. Carrie has been in a blue funk since the accident. It costs me a lot to keep it in a good state and I can’t sell it because that would break their hearts! In the act of doing something wrong e.

Don’t you know it’s just yellow journalism? Maybe we should come to a stop for a moment?

To be inexperienced; 2. To not have debts. I can’t believe you fell for Steve.