Union, Contract. Actors’ Equity Association, Production Contract AF of M. Pamphlet IATSE Pink contract (Travelling employees). Memorandum of. IATSE Union. Industrial Pink Contract. The above Pink Contract is but a reference and not a valid copy (thus the “VOID – For Informational Use Only” watermark. The ‘pink contract’ is from whatever company you work for (Ie: NETworks, Phoenix, ect) Thia contract is between your producer and IATSE.

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Broadway League Re: Pink Contract Negotiations

Members of Local have been the center of opposition to a new agreement in recent weeks as the outlines of a deal began appearing. I think I was unclear with my original post. So the Passport will either have the date s where the member is under contract or the date iatsw the contract was issued.

You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. The producer wants you to run or work on their show so bad, that they will pay for you, AND a union member to do the same job.

Monday, December 17, In conjunction with the new contract is a new way of issuing contracts Passports and the introduction of a new Traveling Members program for the contrxct and tracking of those who are currently on the road. You are here Home.

Contdact, February 4, – Skip to main content. Early this morning a totally, unnecessarily unacceptable agreement was reached concluding the current Basic Agreement negotiations.


I guess it’s printed on yellow card stock. Starting last year, the CIC began its work to pass new legislation to extend the current program. A lot of road audio guys I deal with are “whiny little bitch’s” I’m going back to rigging Peace. Previous recipients of this [ As we said throughout this campaign, Keep Filming in California!


Not talking about a touring show, I’m talking about a sit-down show. February 16, Advertise About Tips Contact Us. We achieved that ckntract which is a cornerstone in providing security to those who travel under the road agreement.

The Inception of the Pink Contract Books and Passports

The current deal expires on July Gains were made in other areas, such as compensation for use of a live performance in other media such as television.

Skip to main content. I did a show at the Javits Center in NYC a couple of years ago and wasn’t aloud to touch any thing yet alone cotract the show. Most traveling IA shows these days are light pink.

If there is nobody in the local that’s available that’s up to the task, what options are there for another person to be hired in? The concept of turning a two-sided document into a full-fledged collective bargaining agreement was entirely the vision of International President Loeb.

But then again I’m a member of three different IA locals Peace. This will allow for the creation of a database for reports that should be extremely useful in future negotiations with all of our Road Employers.

Please fill out this field with valid email address. And we are thrilled to announce that we have succeeded. It was their bills, and their guidance that resulted in this success; to the Senate and Assembly Leadership who made the final decision to put us in the budget – Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon; and to Governor Jerry Brown who signed it into law.


And we were right. The iatsr was announced Thursday afternoon after three days of negotiations. Pink contracts trump jatse contracts. Andrew Broughton wrote on Mon, 15 February For further information contact: Most notably, there is a significant increase in the contribution rate to the health plan during the term of the contract. My bad – I should have been more clear that I’m asking about the rules for sit-downs of theatrical shows in places like Broadway.

Bigler Hero Member Offline Posts: Friday, December 7, A number of changes were also agreed upon that will, for the first time, provide traditional contract protections such as scope and recognition, union security, grievance and arbitration and minimum conditions provisions.

Friday, December 7, Skip to main content. In your experience pibk join unions because they are required to, but someone started that union – and they were the people who worked your job and wanted those safety and wage protections that are sometimes only available via negotiating as a group.

Additional contributions will also be made to the Annuity Plan to bolster retirement benefits. The IATSE and the Broadway Punk have entered into a new three year agreement effective January 1, through December 31, for members who travel with live attractions. Monday, February 4, –