Find product information, product compatibility, and specifications for your HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer. HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Manual • HP Printers.

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The device provides a number offeatures that make it accessible forpeople with disabilities.

VisualThe device software is accessible forusers with visual impairments or lowvision through the use of your operatingsystem’s accessibility options andfeatures. It also supports most assistivetechnology such as screen readers,Braille readers, and voice-to-textapplications.

Contents1Get startedFind other resources for the product Print on special and custom-sized media Use device management tools A HP suppliesOrder printing supplies online ResourceDescriptionLocationSetup posterProvides illustrated setupinformation. A printed version of thedocument is provided with thedevice. During the warrantyperiod, this support is oftenfree of charge. For more information, seeObtain HP telephone support. HP photo and imagingsoftware helpProvides information aboutusing the software.

For more information, see Usethe HP photo and imagingsoftware. The HP Officejet J supports a black print cartridge only. Chapter 1Control panel buttons and lightsThe following diagram and related table provide a quick reference to the control panelfeatures. LabelName and Description1Speed Dial: Selects a speed dial number. Redials the most recently dialed number or inserts a 3-second pause in a faxnumber.

Lightens or darkens black-and-white faxes being sent. Adjusts the resolution for black-and-white faxes being sent. Starts a black-and-white copy, scan, or fax job. Starts a color copy, scan, or fax job HP Officejet J only. Stops a job, exits a menu, or exits settings.

Increases values on the display. Selects a menu or a setting on the display. Decrease values on the display. Turns offjcejet device on or off.

The On light next manuwl the Power button is lit when the deviceis on. Chapter 2Status messagesStatus messages reflect the current state of the device.

They inform you of normaloperation and require no action to clear them. They change as the state of the devicechanges.

Whenever the device is ready, not busy, and has no pending warningmessages, the status message READY appears if the device is turned on.

HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Warning messagesWarning messages inform you of events that require your attention, but they do notprevent the device from operating. Select the device in the Devices drop-down menu. On the Information and Settings menu, click an item that you want to change. Chapter 2the entry point serves as the launching pad for the HP photo and imaging software andservices.

Do one of the following: A pause is useful if you need to gain access to an outside linebefore dialing the fax number. If you want to enter a symbol in your fax number, such as a dash, you needto enter the symbol by using the keypad. Type numbers and text on the control-panel keypadYou can enter text or symbols by using the keypad on the control panel. After you are done entering text, press OK to store your entry.


Press the keypad numbers that correspond to the letters of a name. The following table provides the symbols that you can use in a fax or phonenumber sequence, fax header information, and speed-dial entries. To load an original in the document feeder tray1.

Load your original, with the print side down, into the document feeder tray. Place thepages so that the top edge of the document goes in first. Slide the media into theautomatic document feeder until you hear a beep or see a message on the displayindicating that the loaded pages were detected.

For more help on loading originals in the automatic document feeder, referto the diagram engraved in the document feeder tray. Also avoid cards and envelopes with thick, irregular, or curled edges, or areas thatare wrinkled, torn, or otherwise damaged. The HP Officejet J does not support envelopes and cards.

Top leading edge Bottom trailingedge Left and RightmarginsU. Flip the tray extender up toward you. When you use legal-size paper, leave the tray extender closed.

Tap a stack of paper on a flat surface to align the edges, and then check the paperfor the following: Insert the stack of paper into the input tray with the short edge forward and the printside down.

Slide the stack of paper forward until it stops.

HP Officejet J3680 All-in-One Printer User Manual

Make sure that the device is idle and silent when you load paper intothe input tray. If it is servicing the print cartridges or otherwise engaged in a task,the paper stop inside the device might not be in place.

You could push the papertoo far forward, causing the device lfficejet eject blank pages. To load 10 x all-i-one cm 4 x 6 inch photo paper with tab in the input tray1. Remove all paper from the input tray. Insert the stack of photo paper into the far-right side of the input tray with the shortedge forward and the print side down. Slide the stack of photo paper forward until itstops.

Load the photo paper so that the tabs are closest to you. For more help on loading small-size photo paper, refer mwnual the guidesengraved in the base of the input tray for loading photo paper. 3j680 not use shinyor embossed envelopes or envelopes that have clasps or windows. For specific details on how to format text for printing on envelopes, consultthe help files in your word processing software.


For best results, consider using a labelfor the return address on envelopes. The device cannot automatically detect the paper size or paper type.

Forbest results, set the paper type to transparency film before printing or copyingonto transparency film.

HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer Product Information | HP® Customer Support

HP Iron-On Transfers for printing only 1. Chapter 2Print on special or custom-sized media Windows To print on special or custom-sized media1. Load the appropriate media. For more information, see Load media. Select the media size from the Size is drop-down list. To set a custom media size: Click the Custom button. Type a name for the new custom size. Set up speed-dial entriesYou can set up frequently used fax numbers as speed-dial entries.

This lets you dial thosenumbers quickly by using the control panel. The first five entries for each of thesedestinations are associated with the five speed-dial buttons on the control panel. Set up fax numbers as speed-dial entries or groupsYou can store fax numbers or groups of fax numbers as speed-dial entries. Chapter 2A group member must be a member of the speed-dial list before you can add the memberto a speed-dial group.

You can add up to 20 fax numbers to each group with up to 50characters for each fax number. Changes made from an application take precedence over changes madefrom the printer driver.

However, after the application is closed, the settings return to thedefaults configured in the driver. On the File menu, click Page Setup. Change the settings that you want such as paper sizeand then click OK. On the File menu, click Print to open the printer driver. Change the settings that you want such as media typeand then click OK orPrint. The settings that are available depend on the device model. Choose a booklet layout from the Booklet Layout drop-down list, if you want.

Change any other settings, and then click OK. To print on both sides of a page Mac OS 1.

HP Officejet J3680 All-in-One Printer User Guides

For more information, see Guidelines for printing on bothsides of a page and Load media. With the document open, click Print on the File menu. From the drop-down list, select Paper Handling, click Print: Odd numberedpages, and then press Print. Many copy functions can be performed fr.