Homeboyz has 82 ratings and 23 reviews. Fleiry said: Homeboyz by Alan lawrence Sitomer is about a boy named teddy that feels angry about a homeboy killin. When his sister is shot and killed in a gangland drive-by shooting, Teddy plots revenge, and the tension of this gritty and violent story lies in just. Homeboyz (Hoopster) by Alan Lawrence Sitomer – book cover, description, publication history.

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I like how all the characters and described and their personality’s. This text perfectly reaches the intended audience and everyone who reads it should have no problem following along. Homebyoz 11, Miss Grady rated it it was amazing. I like how the author made the book seem so realistic, in the way lawrencw that is how I could see myself reacting to a similar tragedy. However, due to his off the charts intelligence and skill with computers, Teddy is granted probation, but has to become a mentor to a 12 year old kid named Micah who is at risk to become a gang member.

Homeboyz (Hoopster) by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

Many times the people killed are teenagers, who haven’t enjoyed life yet, who haven’t experienced what life is really about. I read this book because homboyz had recommended it to me and said it was a alann novel to read. The fact that his little sister was gunned down by a drive-by shooting really gives you a feel of what kind of environment you have to be in to be involved with a drive-by.


I learned that you can still make a friend in an unlikely situation and not to give up on something until it’s done. The Hoopster trilogy by Alan Lawrence Sitomer.

Homeboyz by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

As part of the innovative rehabilitation program Diaz runs, Teddy is assigned to tutor Micah, a twelve-year-old orphan and would-be gansta. About this title Audio Format. Hpmeboyz 16, Jesus rated it it was amazing. Homeboyz is a young adult fiction novel written by California teacher Alan Lawrence Sitomer.


With all the sadness and anger built up inside Teddy, he decides to seek revenge and goes looking for the men who killed his sister but ends up arrested for getting in a fight with some gang members outside a convenience store. One thing is that the author really builds the characters and their relationships with one another. This is shown very clearly and effectively because every time Teddy turned to revenge, it just brought him more and more trouble.

I loved the fact that this book was written in third person, it really catches every detail and isn’t confusing to read whats so ever. The outcome of the book is that killing isn’t always the way of handling things sometimes you llawrence depend on the law to handle things for you.

You get a sense of it all.

Another thing that I love is how I feel connected to the characters in this book. In summary, this author writes fantastic books for the reluctant reader and classrooms with reluctant readers, but his other books do a better job than Homeboyz. Teddy is a great athlete and student trying not to get involved in gang conflict in his area unlike most teens lawernce age.


Feb 21, Gunnar Wiltsie rated it it was amazing. He wants to get revenge for what they have done to his family. Teddy Anderson was a very smart and charming young man. It is establ ,awrence Alan Sitomer’s book, Homeboyz, Sitomer presents us with a seventeen year old teenager named Dixon Theodore Anderson Aka “teddy”who suffers a big loss after gang members randomly gunned down Tina Teddy’s younger sister in a drive-by shootingwhile she was getting an icecream. Lionel rated it it was amazing May 25, Micah made a big impact on teddy’s life, because he was a little kid already getting involved with gang relations, because of the bad environment he was around.

Tyler rated it liked it Oct hpmeboyz, You want a good book that keeps you up. Jump At The Sun Availability: He’s funny oawrence brutally honest. Hip Hop High School.

Mr Anderson’s Sister Tina was gunned down right in the beginning. I was happily surprised. A troublesome little boy named Micah would enter the picture as one of the projects Teddy had to work on to get out of his trouble.