The city of Hiroshima is a great place for trekking through dense forests and enjoying natural hot springs. Discover quaint towns like Onomichi and Tomonoura. Every year on August 6, a memorial service is held to commemorate the victims of the atomic bomb in Thousands write messages of peace on paper. The island itself was once considered so sacred that it was separated from the shrine so no one would spoil the sacred ground. This is why the entrance to the.

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The vivid red pagoda contrasts perfectly with the lush greenery and the sea beyond. Trending Attractions in Hiroshima. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. Hiroshima City, the center of administration and economy of Hiroshima prefecture, is known to the world as the first city devastated by an atomic bomb during the World War 2. Not hiroshim instant stuff served in Styrofoam cups, but the fresh noodles served in a bowl of rich soup stock topped with….

It is said to be one of the most important temples dedicated to the goddess in Japan. Planning a Trip to Japan?

Hiroshima | Japan Travel | JNTO

Particularly in its season from October to March, raw oysters with lemon juice squeezed on is highly recommended. If you prefer to fly, Haneda Airport to Hiroshima Airport takes around 90 minutes. Great views, amazing history. How to Get There. See our cookies policy for more information.

To get to the island you need to take a ferry from Miyajimaguchi Port on the mainland. Onomichi City, located in approx. Misen for stunning views over the island and the bay. The bright lights of Ebisucho mark the best area for a lively drink or three. Anyone can join the lantern ceremony.

Fukuzenji Temple was founded on a cliff in around It is served on a bed of griddle-cooked noodles. Hiroshima City is easy to reach by rail or air. If you continue to browse, you accept the use of cookies on our site. While Itsukushima-jinja is the biggest draw on the island, there are a number of other shrines and temples well worth visiting.


This is also the time for the Spring Gourmet Festival, and for the young rabbits on the island of Okunoushima—also known as Rabbit Island—to emerge from their burrows. The keep at the top has a balcony running outside, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding area. People head for ski slopes and onsen. Gojunoto is a beautiful five-story red pagoda, originally built in Today, Hiroshima is a city of peace whose citizens ontinue to advocate the importance of peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons through conveying their experiences.

Hiroshima Shukkeien Garden Hiroshima-ken. This deconstructed ramen comes with the noodles and various toppings in a bowl or plate, and the soup in a separate vessel.

Who We Are Contact us. Planning a Trip to Japan?

See our cookies policy for more information. With around trams in service, more than any other city in Japan, they make for a convenient and scenic way to see the city. Visit Hiroshima not only for its rich history, but also for its renowned gastronomical pleasures.

Chugoku – Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima ©JNTO – Picture of Japan, Asia

Use the icon on pages to add to favourites. Fresh and thick oysters with its rich taste can be enjoyed in various ways hiroshims as roasted, deep-fried or as tempura.

Planning a Trip to Japan? Use the icon on pages to add to favourites. The castle grounds are on the very edge of the blast area of the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima on August 6, You can enter from either the Ehime or Onomichi intersections. Hirsohima are also a jngo delicacy, served both raw and cooked in a variety of ways, including battered and deep fried.

Hiroshima serves up some of Japan’s biggest oysters, rich and briny and served raw or grilled. Top Of The Page.


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Daiganji Temple is located next to Itsukushima-jinja and is dedicated to Benzaiten, goddess of music, art, and water. Hiroshima Itsukushima-Jinja Shrine Hiroshima-ken. Gourmet Satisfy the most discerning of palettes, as well as the strictest of budgets.

With its 1,year history, Itsukushima Shrine stands off Miyajima inlet, just ten-minute ferry trip from the pier at JR Miyajimaguchi Station. These iconic trees are now symbols of the city’s strength and ability to survive and flourish even after a truly devastating event.

Surrounded by the sea and mountains, the area is blessed with natural beauty, and is designated as a part of Setonaikai National Park. Thousands write messages of peace on paper lanterns that are lit at sunset to float down the river past the iconic remains of the Atomic Bomb Dome.

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These stringed musical instruments are aural and visual works of art, both inside and out. Used as a shooting location for many Japanese movies, every picturesque path in the town makes you feel like a leading character in a movie.

The Carp have been in the central league since and clinched the championship for the past two years. There are several other shrines and temples on the island. Ski in Japan A diamond in the rough for ski enthusiasts and families worldwide. The Peace Park, filled niroshima memorials to those that died hirroshima the atomic bombing of The Atomic Bomb Dome, a somber monument to the nuclear legacy Hiroshima’s version of okonomiyaki An excursion to nearby Miyajima for the deer and much-photographed floating shrine.

Hiroshima Hirozhima treats its tragic past with honor and respect, but it does not dwell on it.