GWX Manual and Readme – Silent Read more about wolves, ships, aircraft, convoy, historical and torpedo. Guide to using the GWX3 overhaul and the Resolution Mod firing your torpedoes, to ‘fix it’ you will have to follow the instructions here. and fixes from GWX , GWX and GWX — all included in GWX3 GOLD. modding credits — please refer to the page ‘Manual & Documentation’.

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I miss the days of games coming with an page book and tools, and im only 19! By default the tool bar now shows the metre indicator, as I found it more useful because you want a manula read of gross depth, and if you want more detail, you can switch to the enlarged mode that will allow you to select depths within one meter.

Les add-ons GWX 3. The AOB chart helps you compare what you see with it, and aids having an idea of how much angled the target is. The time now is Then use the in-map nomograph Right side to get his speed. Folgende Benutzer bedankten sich: GWX modifies some U-boat flotillas so that you will start your patrol inside a U-boat pen. Use the ruler tool, and starting from the zero mark draw a line through the bearing circle till the estimated distance to target.

There are two groups of dials and switches here: There are two essencial modifications that you need for this game to look and play up to spec: Unfortunatly there is a bug that comes with this modification and results in you accidently firing your torpedoes, to ‘fix it’ you will have to follow the instructions here – http: Die sind relativ aktuell und bieten deutschsprachigen Support.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. That’s what you’re good at’. Now if possable, be a good vwx3 to get it sticky. The inner black plate of the compass also rotated and workd as vernier, like it did in real life. Map Plotting tool I have also incorporated a new triangle-shaped ruler, that allows easily to plot the enemy movements.

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The figures are not meant to be accurate, just a quick reference to keep your situational awareness high, and see when you are inside the ideal firing range.

Then you go left and read the resulting speed 10 knots in this case. Note that the chrono is now a 30 seconds one, i. Da sieht es an anderen Orten auf der Welt ganz anders aus. Powered by Kunena Forum. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Les add-ons GWX 3.0 Gold

Vernier dials are there to provide increased precision. Range is guesstimated with the aid of the Range chart, but since you will be shooting with the Uboat pointed at the manial to minimize your silhouette and with more free movement, the need to correct parallax for distance is almost manuzl. I started re reading it the other day. Die anderen sind viel zu einfach trotz steigendem Schwierigkeitsgrad. Jakob Bock U ObLt z. Features – Revised camera angles in all the Uboat to ensure coherence between normal 1st person views and optics views.

This means GWX will no longer award renown for reaching and patrolling your patrol area.

UhUdieEuleWurmonkeldanasan. Feb 22, The binoculars have been left at the historic 7×50 zoom, which is good due to its large field of view 7. TAB key might not work, but you can still do it with the mouse scroll button.

Guess I just showed my age somewhat Submerged, using the observation periscope – Dark Night: They will do one full turn each time the main dial moves ten degrees. Or B Turn it so that the enemy course is set at the external black wheel. Once you have located something, use the UZO on that bearing to make a better observation of details. Yes, the manual is really great.


Den andern wo ich noch habe ist das Modpack von Madmax Even if you aren’t using the GWX mod, the manual is worth downloading just for the chapters on tactics and targeting. If the target is left from your bow, you drag the plotter rightwards, and inversely if the target is to your right 6. THE Silent Hunter game and the last one you didn’t have to activly fight with bugs more so than the enemy Destroyers.

Just want to heap praise on the GWX3 Manual – SUBSIM Radio Room Forums

Bitte Anmelden oder Registrieren um der Konversation beizutreten. Contact Us – Subsim – Archive nanual Top. The Uboat or ownship course is at the top, and the pointer will always show true bearings i. Now you must either steer at slow speed and constant heading as much in the direction of your target as possible, or simply be at full stop.

Page 2 sur 4.

Silent Hunter 3 – Grey Wolves mod – Games – Quarter To Three Forums

Those allow you to set the 1st run length, when the torpedo goes staright in the direction of the target. Find More Posts by Exakt. Using the reticle The reticle has two measuring marked lines, vertical and horizontal, which are calibrated for 1,5x zoom use Low power The vertical one is graded in milliradians, and allows you to determine range to an object whose height you know or can estimate, using the following formula: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.