Ausschlaggebend für den Gebrauchtwagenreport war die Auswertung der Berichte der Hauptuntersuchungen der DEKRA-Prüfstellen. Danach sind die. (Source: Daimler AG) Mercedes-Benz baut die zuverlässigsten Autos. Das stellt der jüngste Gebrauchtwagenreport der Sachverständigenorganisation DEKRA. Stuttgart – The Audi A4, Ford C-MAX and BMW Z4came out on top in the DEKRA Used Car Report. The Audi . · dpi .

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The Mercedes-Benz E-Class ranked in third here. In conducting the evaluations for the DEKRA Used Car Report, the experts filter through the results of 15 million vehicle inspections conducted in the past two years, looking for information that is relevant in evaluating used cars. Environmental and social responsibility Certification enquiry page Privacy policy.

It calculates the percentage of vehicles without relevant faults in relation to the percentage of vehicles with significant faults, thus increasing the accuracy of the ranking.

The special evaluation for the DEKRA Used Car Report only takes into account faults that are specific to used cars such as those in the brake system or suspension.


This means that faults that occur due to inadequate maintenance by the vehicle owner, such as worn tyres and wiper blades or a first aid kit that is too old, are not factored into the statistics. Evaluation according to vehicle class and mileage category. As seen in previous years, passenger cars that have been driven less perform significantly better than cars with gebrauchtwagendeport high mileage, as one would expect.

If one looks at vehicles that demonstrated significant faults in the evaluation, their number increases as one moves up the three mileage categories from 4.

In the comparison of vehicle classes, executive cars perform the best DFI The remaining rankings are held by bebrauchtwagenreport cars In line with previous years, mini and supermini cars are at the bottom of the rankings gebfauchtwagenreport a DFI of Winners in the individual vehicle classes.

The Ford Focus topped the compact cars with The Mercedes-Benz E-Class defended the top spot in the executive category with It was the BMW Z4 gebfauchtwagenreport claimed the winning spot among the sports cars with The winners from the previous gebraichtwagenreport retained their positions: In third place this year was the Peugeot Boxer The van class is lagging significantly behind all passenger car classes with an average DFI of Winners in the overall evaluation.


The top of this category features models that achieve the best evaluation results on average in all three mileage categories. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class German manufacturers triumphant in all vehicle classes.

Cars produced in Germany are the winners in all vehicle classes from supermini cars to vans. If one also looks at vehicles in the higher mileage categories, they achieve 19 out of a total of 24 top spots. This represents a special segment of the used car market that did not previously feature in the report but gebrauchtwagenteport plays an increasingly important role.