Welcome to the website of the Robotics and Perception Group led by Prof. . RPG receives IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO) best paper award. What title would get you to buy a Transformers-based RPG? would be that the gears in “heavy gear” are piloted, while GearShift are robots. Which title would you prefer for a Transformers inspired RPG? then i put my vote for gear shift, if latter, Transforming Robot sounds cool.

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Still waiting for that Paladin Force supplement, tho See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for further suggestions. Check out the FAQ. The tech level is back up to medieval European levels, one of the cities recently discovered gunpowder.

Our flying robot can then use this classifier to guide a ground robot through a disaster area. Submit a new text post.


I came here to recommend this rpg too. George Macon, ex-military android.

The dataset is ideal to evaluate and benchmark appearance-based localization, monocular visual odometry, simultaneous localization and mapping SLAMrpy online 3D reconstruction algorithms for MAVs in urban environments. This article possibly contains original research.

December 14, Paper gearsnift in RA-L Our work on differential flatness of quadrotor dynamics subject to rotor drag has been accepted for publication in the Robotics and Automation Letters. Congratulations to Henri Rebecq and Guillermo Gallego! It’s a bit like Mouse Guard that way. In practice, people often forget which pilot attribute drives their mecha attribute.


I supported because… “Because this is probably the only one I visit regulary.

The idea is that, to power your giant robot suit, you need the power of your emotions; more specifically the emotions you feel toward your friends you’re all part of a small group of survivors. I really like the GURPs gearshitf. Log in or sign up in seconds. Welcome to Davide Falanga as a new PhD student in our lab!

Recommend a Giant Robot RPG? | Giga-Robo! | BoardGameGeek

It’s not specially good at giant robots, but it’s really good for human size heroes against moon size robots. Fobots have full customization over your character, choosing what makes him good at what he does, what makes him better then everyone else, and what he’s armed with.

We are happy to announce the release of the code for recovering the brigthness map that caused the events to be triggered. Fermi paradox Grandfather paradox Time travel. Learn More I supported because… “Because this is probably the only one I visit regulary.

I will also include a cyberspace focused pre-made adventure. The software corresponding to the paper SVO: Beyond Laser and Vision. I do not like the system at all. August 19, Trained in 60 seconds Welcome to Flavio Fontana as a new PhD student in our lab!


January 14, One of our students receives robohs prize from Homegate at HackZurich!

Archived from the original on 17 October You give androids the right to vote, and they vote their kind into office the same day the death squads are formed. June 21, Code for image reconstruction from an event camera released We are happy to announce the release of the code for recovering the brigthness map that caused the events to be triggered.

The game is great, but there are some gotchas to watch out for: It’s fast but still has some mechanical weight to its vehicles and mecha.

The Robotic Age RPG by Preston Poland — Kickstarter

The Robotic Age X – This customization packet will explain how to run a game where everyone is an epg trying to make the world a better place, despite being built by waring mad scientists. Sep 3, – Oct 8, 35 days. Welcome to Alessandro Simovic as a new drone engineer in our lab! October 27, Event-Camera Dataset and Simulator released! Go to the dataset webpage.