Soma Technology offers Used and refurbished GE Datex Ohmeda Aisys Anesthesia Machine with large-panel displays are mounted on a movable arm with. agents and employees of GE Healthcare of other parties expressly licensed by GE. materials provided with the Aisys CS? for specifications, operating. DRE sources and refurbishes GE Aisys Carestation anesthesia machines. These Datex-Ohmeda units are modular, upgradeable, and is a recent addition to.

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Ventilation, vaporization, and gas delivery are all digitally controlled, measured and displayed on a sleek and intuitive interface. Sophisticated communication protocols enable digital communication of comprehensive patient and system data.

Aisys CS 2 is designed to grow with you as your needs evolve. Just update the software to enhance the functionality of your system or add optional clinical decision support tools and information management systems. Aisys CS 2 incorporates innovative features, such as End tidal Control EtCto help you confidently and comfortably perform protective low-flow anaesthesia, decrease operative costs, and reduce anaesthetic waste.

Pause Gas feature, which simplifies temporary circuit disconnects.

One button temporarily stops all gas flows and suspends alarms, agent delivery, and ventilation, so you can aixys all your focus on the patient. The Aisys CS 2 user interface was designed with intelligent menus that may help reduce set-up time and help minimize training needs.

GE Aisys Carestation Anesthesia Machine – Refurbished

We analysed countless Carestation data logs, reviewing keystrokes and menu interactions, to design an intuitive user interface that truly fits the way you work. With quick picks, flatter menus and tunnelling alarms, Aisys CS 2 can help you to directly make adjustments like oxygen and flow settings with one touch.


Tailored solution for aists range of patients. Aisys CS 2 ‘s ICU-level ventilator can quickly achieve and maintain set pressures and volumes to maximize the time available for gas fe. This helps you te the most difficult patients, from neonates to the lung compromised and the morbidly obese. Aisys CS 2 also arms you with lung protection resources like configured automated lung ventilation maneuvres, such as the Vital Capacity and Cycling procedures and Compliance trending.

Because of its modular and upgradeable ajsys, Aisys CS 2like the Aisys Carestation, is always ready to incorporate the latest technological advances, so you can be confident in delivering up to date care, while protecting your investment. Regardless of changes in patient’s haemodynamic and metabolic status, agent and oxygen levels are automatically adjusted to targeted end-tidal levels. Simple In clinical tests 3a majority of clinicians reported that Et Control is easier to use compared with the conventional practice of using fresh gas flow and vaporizer settings.

Efficient Et Control can help reduce anaesthetic and costs throughout the case.

Helping in decreasing greenhouse emissions By helping clinicians reduce the waste of anaesthetic agent and fresh gas flow, Et Control may have a positive impact in the environment. In conventional fresh gas flow mode, ecoFLOW information may help prevent wasteful over-delivery of anaesthetic agent aiwys reduce the risk of hypoxic gas mixtures during low and minimum flow anaesthesia.

Tunnelling Alarms guide the clinician to address sisys with a single touchPause gas flow to suspend FGF and agent delivery to help prevent OR pollution during intentional breathing circuit disconnection e.

Aisys CSĀ² | GE Healthcare

Download EtC white paper. Automated control of end-tidal inhalation anaesthetic concentration using the GE Aisys Carestation S. Barclay – BJA Apr; 4: End-tidal versus manually-controlled low-flow anaesthesia LucangeloGarufi et al – Journal of Clinical monitoring and g – AprilVolume 28, Issue 2.

  14644-2 ISO PDF

HendrickxDe Cooman et alias – Acta Anaesth. Financial and environmental costs of manual versus automated control of end-tidal gas concentrations Tay, Weinberg et al.

A ten-year audit of fresh gas flows in a New Zealand hospital: End – tidal control effectiveness: Administration of Volatile Anesthetics: Anaesthesia delivery and patient monitoring are seamlessly integrated aissy a modern user interface specifically designed to address perioperative tasks. With time-saving quick pick choices, flat menus and tunneling alarms, the Aisys CS 2 can help aisya deliver precise care with a personal touch every day.

The advanced digital features built into the Aisys CS 2 were designed to work together to make your workflow easier. Each piece of hardware, software and technology fits together in harmony to elevate your Carestation to become the information hub of the operating suite. Barclay, Automated control of end-tidal inhalation anaesthetic concentration using the GE Aisys Carestation. British Journal of Anaesthesia 4: Inside anesthesia breathing circuits: Anesth Analg, 2 FDA Products may not be commercially available in all countries.

Please check with your sales representative. Always refer to the complete instructions manuals before use. Read More Read Less. Aisys CS 2 also arms you with lung protection resources like configured automated lung ventilation maneuvres, such as the Vital Capacity and Cycling procedures and Compliance trending Advanced and sustainable.

Read More Show Less. EtC Publications Et Control: