GD&T – Example Drawings. – Review. References: •Engineering Drawing and Design by D. Madsen, etal. •Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, by D. Practice interpreting GD&T on industrial drawings can help you interpret and Tolerancing – Workbook w/ Engineering Drawings PD Different types of tolerances. • To learn how to effectively tolerance parts in engineering drawings. • Allowance/Clearance. • Expressing tolerances in AutoCAD.

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A few years ago, I decided to put together some type of graphic that would organize and illustrate the many levels of workshops that ETI offers. Click on the graphic above to access a larger view. We often find that students attempt to master a higher level course without fully understanding the basics. The pyramid also incorporates drawjngs valuable concept of mentoring employees. The gray areas in the pyramid signify those areas where I advise that the mentoring be implemented.

In these tough drawijgs times, companies often cut training budgets first, but allowing ETI to assist them in incorporating a mentoring program into the workplace can often mean valuable dollars are saved through the best use of manpower and materials. Last month, I blogged about my new geometric tolerancing book that explains the use of ISO standards on technical drawings:. The book is based on ISO and companion standards.

ETI is offering a course this fall that utilizes the new book. The course was written with three goals in mind: To help you recognize what is required on a good standard-compliant drawing 2.

To help you understand geometrical tolerances based on the ISO standards 3. To combine and explain information from dozens of ISO standards into a logical understandable topic. If your company is interested in global sourcing and learning how to read drawings created in other countries, this workshop is vital to your success.

It will teach you the ins and outs of utilizing the ISO standards and will give you a fundamental knowledge of ISO Read more about the course and specific topics here. I hope to see you in the Detroit area for this exciting new workshop. I am working on a new geometric tolerancing book that explains the use of ISO standards on technical drawings. This comprehensive book can be used for multiple purposes: The book is very close to the expert review stage.


The process of having a team of technical experts proofread a new book is an important part of writing a technically sound book.

I have learned from previous projects that it always results in a better product. I have most of the proofreading team in place, but I would like to have three or four additional technical experts who are experienced in ISO GPS. Proofreading requires a commitment of your engiheering. I am estimating the draft will be ready for review by mid to late June, and the technical review must be completed by about 30 days after that.

There is no pay for proofreading, but there are rewards.

First, you will enjoy reading and dissecting each section of the book. You may even find some new information on some aspect of the ISO standards. Also, your name will be listed in the credits, and you will receive a free copy of the book when it is published. Aside from that focus, we also finished developing our latest web-based training course on engineering drawing requirements. The course contains four lessons that cover:. The web-based course is geared to people who work with and interpret engineering drawings.

It includes practice problems, quizzes, and a drawing packet containing 12 engineering drawings in printable PDF format.

Click below to find out more about our offerings

You can read more about the course and the complete list of drawings that are covered at our ETI Learning Center website. We also have a tutorial that you can view to get a workbolk of the course.

An article on the reliableplant. The title says it all: In the article, ESI International revealed the top 10 project management trends that will impact both private and public sector organizations this year. However, many drawkngs are also striving to finish products quickly, and their workforces may be overloaded.

Withh services are competitively priced and will be performed by industry experts. Call our sales team for a quote on your specific need, or request a quote online. Charging into building the product, without sufficient thought into the design, results in a product engijeering to many incorrect assumptions. These assumptions remain unidentified until very late drawing are costly to fix. Joshua Hammond and James Morrison. Most drawings that I see require assumptions to interpret.

Computer-based training, web-based training, developing new courses like the Engineering Drawing Requirements, the System Approach to Component Tolerancing, and lots of other products and services always seemed to take precedence over our new workbook.


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Last month, Workook blogged about my new geometric tolerancing book that explains the use of ISO standards on technical drawings: Those who attend the workshop will receive: New ISO geometrical tolerancing: Sincere thanks, Alex Share this: Posted by Effective Training in NewsTraining. The course contains four lessons that cover: The definition and uses of engineering drawings Types of engineering drawings Appropriate standards and documents specified on engineering drawings Basic part definition required on engineering drawings The web-based course is geared to people who work with and interpret engineering drawings.

ETImail: Online Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Newsletter

Surviving the economic downturn with outside help Published in January 30th, Two of the trends listed were: People Will Come Before Technology Organizations will increase their demands for smart third-party guidance that ensures technology investments deliver enhanced performance.

This will result in greater recognition of the critical engineerijg people play, leading to increased recognition that employees need the right skills and engineeribg before applying processes for consistency and adding technology to deliver increased efficiencies.

Right-sizing Staff wrokbook Demand Driven Resource Management The adoption of demand-driven resource management will increase significantly in Enngineering ability to right-size internal staff and draw on outside contractors when demand requires will be viewed as an essential cost containment approach leading to greater organizational performance and efficiency.

Quality begins with the drawing Published in November 6th, Posted by Alex Krulikowski in Insights. The workbook is available in our online product catalog. Chat with an ETI representative.

Print Reading and Engineering Drawing Practices Workbook

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