Flashman and the Angel of the Lord: From the Flashman Papers, | George MacDonald Fraser | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle. A jolly read.”—The Wall Street Journal The tenth installment in The Flashman Papers finds Captain Harry Flashman of Her Majesty’s Secret. “A jolly read.”—The Wall Street Journal The tenth installment in The Flashman Papers finds Captain Harry Flashman of Her Majesty’s Secret Service in the.

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I think a more likely explanation perhaps ahgel unstated other reasonis that he found the sheer amount of material available on the Civil War daunting. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Evading danger, bedding women, and profiting from every opportunity, Flashman once again weasels his way int “A jolly read.

Flashman and the Angel of the Lord

Published June 1st by Plume Books first published It’s a circuitous route that leads the cowardly Flashman into Brown’s presence, including bei In this installment Harry Flashman winds up entangled in abolotionist John Brown’s disastrous but seminal Harpers Ferry raid, an event which almost singlehandedly plunged the United States into the Civil War.

Some nice rolls in the hay, but at this point, there isn’t much novelty left. Flashman and the Angel of the Lordon the other hand, is mostly one tale. I rate this particular less higher than others for some of the sheer implausible jumps in logic that are taken to further the plot. Flashman gets out of scrapes due to ever more unlikely coincidences, there are more sex scenes than usual and they seem just a tiny bit gratuitous. However, Flash is a bit more mellow in this one than in others, and seems to actually feel a bit fondness for “old J.

I love this series, I make no bones about that. I’m still not convinced of his bad side, and still maintain he’s no more or less of a coward than any of us, and quite Flashman roams through history again, this time playing a hand in John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry. This site uses cookies. Apr 20, Richard Parker rated it really liked it Shelves: My only regret is that Fraser never wrote the Flashman volumes on his service with the Union and Confederate armies.


Still entertaining and educational but, I dunno, something seems to be missing from these later books. But not great, for me anyway. These include his commissions in both the Union and Confederate Armies and — a lot of detail here — the illuminated scroll designating his appointment as a Knight of the San Serafino Order of Purity and Truth Third Class.

When the attack anggel anyway, Flashman first runs for his life, then is finally drawn back into the bloody finale. Perhaps by then Fraser had already decided that he would never write that Packet. As a bonus, the story is bracketed by scenes of Flash with his grandchildren: Only the US wants the raid to fail.

The bulk of this occasionally raunchy tale is concerned with Harry’s involvement with the anti-slavery activist John Brown and his famous assault on Harpers Ferry. Oh yes, there’s still those moments of totally insane and ribald humour as our poor hero angsl from one frying pan into another – quite often as a result of his own inability to control his lustful character but, and here’s the meat of the matter, this is a very serious clashman at times.

Flashman and the Angel of the Lord by George MacDonald Fraser

He ends up in America, where not one, not two, but THREE different groups respectively pay, strongarm, or blackmail him into becoming the second-in-command to abolitionist John Brown. Works by George MacDonald Fraser. Indeed when I first read the book I think I spent quite a lot of time wishing he was writing about my preferred topic, my mood not being improved by the constant references to the great lost beast of the Flashman papers. It comes as no surprise that a man of his forceful personality should have risen in society in the past near-decade, nor that he still harbours a modicum of resentment towards Flashy.


He explains to Flashman just how powerful the Kuklos are, as well as explaining his own relationship with Joe: That however, does not diminish in anyway the joy of reading another Flashman mis adventure.

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The series begins with Flashman, and He is best known for his Flashman series of historical novels, purportedly written by Harry Flashman, a fictional coward and bully originally created by Thomas Hughes in Tom Brown’s School Days. Feb 27, Tim O’Neill rated it really liked it. Still, the notes are fantastic as usual, the historical material very engaging, and what can I say.

Notify me of new comments via anc. It makes me feel that a younger Fraser would have managed things much better. That would’ve been something. Nov 16, Adam rated it liked it Shelves: But the third organisation out to speak to him is no other than American Intelligence, using the services of the already redoubtable Pinkerton Detective Agency, and their mole in the Kuklos — who only happens to be Annette Mandeville!

It wouldn’t do to give too much away, just te say that Flashy is blackmailed into participating in the Harper’s Ferry schemes of one John Brown, Sr. I’ve found out that I find Flashman’s adventures in the East more interesting then those in the Hhe, probably becauce I know less about it.

If triggered by historical racism or sexism this series isn’t a good choice.