Libros de Segunda Mano – Pensamiento – Psicología: La entrevista psiquiátrica. harry stack sullivan.. Compra, venta y subastas de Psicología en todocoleccion. Libros de Segunda Mano – Pensamiento – Psicología: La entrevista psiquiátrica – harry stack sullivan – psique, buenos aires ().. Compra, venta y subastas. Download Citation on ResearchGate | La entrevista psiquiátrica / H.S. Sullivan. | Traducción de: The Psychiatric Harry Stack Sullivan. Abstract. Traducción de.

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Just as a elder relative may be kind to a great grandson who stops in and says hello in passing but is likely to be far more so and more protective over one who frequently stops in to check on them and pay their respects, so too is a God likely to be more benevolent to one who does not limit their interaction with him to when he needs help.

O noble, exalted, firstborn of Ea! Who banishes consternation from the body of the gods, Is hel, who effects their restoration. Alternatively, one may simply speak from his heart after welcoming the God, addressing him as he would a revered elder.

La Entrevista psiquiátrica

Following the initial establishment of contact outlined above, one seeking to petition the aid of King Marduk should do so on Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. O Marduk, the mighty who causeth Itura to rejoice! Who creates artful works in the battle with Tiamat. The Call To Marduk After opening the temple as prescribed above, let the following conjuration be used to make contact with Marduk and invite his attendance.

During the early months of my work with this group I experimented with entrfvista different sources and forms of Jupiterian Magick, looking for that which would be most beneficial to me personally psiquuiatrica allow me to contribute the most to the group.

La Entrevista psiquiátrica – Harry Stack Sullivan – Google Books

He is truly the light of the gods, the mighty leader, Who, as the protecting deities”‘ of gods and land, In fierce sulluvan combat saved our retreats in distress. May my God stand at my right hand! Offering to Marduk The last area on which we will touch here is making work with Marduk part of your regular practice through Offerings and regular conjuration.


In his brilliant light may they walk forever! Anum, as well as those to be found in the Necronomicon. The one who opens spring wells and ditches and who puts the rivers in order!

We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: May they uphold the course of the stars of heaven; May he shepherd all the gods like sheep. It is my hope that through this brief work, interest in and fondness for Him will be revived, and he may once again be seen as a benefactor and benevolent paternal God unto the modern Magus, as he was to the people and priesthood of Babylon.

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Cecchetelli Offering to Marduk need not be a complex and extravagant undertaking. May his name be evoked and spoken in the land!

Your ancestor An, king of the gods, has made your lordship effective against the armies of heaven and earth.

At this point it is suggested that he take a period of time to meditate and to visualize the legend of Marduk which appeals most to him in order to further connect with the God. Mardukite Magick M Cecchetelli M.

Shadow of the land, protector of distant peoples, Forever the sovereign of shrines! A comprehensive study of the Magickal methodology of the Mardukite Magus would be of sufficient length to fill a volume of encyclopedic length, and is thus impossible for me to create at this time.

May the gods brings their presents entrrvista him that from him they may receive their assignments.

Who carried off the corpse of Tiamat with his weapon and who directs the faithful shepherd. The working is to begin as did the previous, commencing with the preliminary cleansing and opening as shown in 1a and continuing to call Marduk as follows; O mighty, powerful, strong one of Assur!


La Entrevista Psiquiatrica Harry Stack Sullivan MARDUK

His com Verily, he is lord of all the gods of heaven and earth, The king at whose discipline the gods above and below are in mourning. As thou did slay the primordial dragon, slay now the obstacles and barriers between me and my desire!

They are as inspired by the God himself and represent the selfsame means I use myself each Thursday to develop and cultivate my relationship with Marduk and to Petition his aid in my affairs. Into the future of mankind, when days have grown old, May she recede None can without him create artful works Who maintains the sharp point of the weapon.

The Petition To Marduk Those seeking to petition Marduk for aid in any given area of their lives are fortunate in that the Gods have provided us guidance on just how this may be done. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

psiquiatricw While his origins lay in Ancient Mesopotamia, it is in the later Babylonian work dated to the 12th century BC, entitled the Enuma Elish, that he comes to prominence and is elevated to the level of a Supreme God, surpassing his traditional role as patron deity of Babylon.

You open the staco and rite using the formula outlined in 1a, Call the God to your temple, welcome as outlined previously, igniting the incense chosen for the work, and recite a Hymn to Marduk. Who insures a hearing, Creator of the gods, his fathers, Who roots out the enemies, destroys their progeny; Who frustrates their doings, leaving nothing of them.