El Viaje Del Escritor – Ebook written by Christopher Vogler. Buy the selected items together This item: Your hero is not the most important. Después de definir brevemente lo que caracteriza un héroe, explico lo que Joseph Campbell y Christopher Vogler llaman EL VIAJE DEL. Hace 4 días 3 Ago EL VIAJE DEL ESCRITOR Christopher Vogler TROYA Wolfgang Petersen Aquiles Hector Paris Helena 1. Mundo ordinario. Aquiles es el.

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We were also taught that by following these principles, we are just being sold the same story over and over again as it can be applied to most films.


As a group we spoke briefly after class and agreed to have the chapters read by Wednesday as we could come in on that day and work on the presentation.

We also agreed to take notes on the chapters, to help summarise the work. The group met up in university, however I was not able to attend due to an appointment. I messaged the group chat and was given some of the summarised notes from the group.

We started researching the sections to gain more information and possibly challenge some of the sections.

The Writer’s Journey Presentation

We created a slideshow presentation on Google which allowed all of us to edit the document at once. We created 13 slides based on the sections we gathered from christophed summary of the book.

We also made some more slides by keeping reference to our sources. We also looked online to see how the structure had been studied and applied by different sources. We looked at a great diagram on https: David managed to find an example at http: We each started editing the presentation and filling it out with information.

In this film Lightening McQueen starts off christophed a self-centred rookie racer, although he goes to Radiator Springs and learns from the community. I went into university sel continued researching some of the chapters. I started thinking of films that could contradict Vogler.

I thought that the film Deadpool could possibly prove that a character may not change too much from start to finish. I was also trying to think of other films that break the rules but most films actually do follow the structure.


He tricks a community to help him get it back and steals the food from them but realises how much of a family they are and how they accepted him. Then when presented with the opportunity to repay the bear all the food he instead goes out to save his family.

At biaje start Earth is covered in waste and rubbish although at the end of the film, the humans start to grow plants and revive life in the world again. There is also a change of world in this film as Wall-e travels to the Axiom Spaceship where it is full of different people and not as desolate and abandoned as Earth.

Axiom overgrown on Earth with bushes and lots of plants and life, Wall-e I thought over the weekend that Sunnyside Daycare centre from Toy Story 3displays a good change of place at the end of the film.

There is a change of place in Lion King Pride rock, when run by Scar is desolate and full of cow skulls although after Simba takes over at the end, it is colourful, overgrown chrisropher full of life. I was thinking for the slide on breaking the rules, that Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy also breaks the conventional rules as he steals the infinity stone at the start of the film.

Members of the audience in typically American Cinemas, interact with the film through boos and applaud; therefore showing their emotional response to the film.

When thinking of contextual references to display catharsis, we instantly thought of the scene from Toy Story 3where our favourite characters that we grew up with from the original movie are about to die in a large pit of fire. Audience get the emotion of fear and sadness, Toy Story 3 Another example from Pixar would be in Upwhere Carl has to letting go of the house, as it symbolises letting go of his wife and their dreams.

This leaves the audience with voglef feeling of sadness, however at the end when we see the house land at Paradise Falls it makes the audience feel happy and content that his house miraculously completed its adventure. In the film Princess and the Frog the death of Ray the firefly is despairing as he dies fighting the shadows to save the Princess. However at night we discover that he is now with his loved ones which gives an emotional impact of sadness but also rejoice.


Ray joins Evangeline in the sky, The Princess and the Frog In the film Ed sacrifices himself to save Shaun and Liz, however I believe that this was not as an emotional death but more of a comedy element as Shaun plays video games with the zombified Ed at the vogker of the film; therefore this brings a humorous reaction to the deo.

Now we had researched all of the topics in our chapters and found suitable references to complement our points, we added suitable images to talk about and some bullet points to our presentation.

We also had notes in our books which we wrote out on pages and started practising the presentation and timing it as a group.


The presentations fl due to start at 1. We advised each other on what parts to cut out and include on the different sections. Mainly as a group the presentation was taking too long so we cut down and summarised a lot of our notes.

When presenting I felt as if I knew what I was generally talking about for each of the sections so I preferred to not read my notes as in the last presentation I found this distracting. You are commenting using your WordPress. Viajs are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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