David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital is speaking now at the Ira Sohn Investment Conference in New York City. What will Einhorn. David Einhorn Presentation At Ira Sohn: Short AthenaHealth. May 5, at pm by Sheeraz Raza. David Einhorn is President of Greenlight Capital, Inc. Embattled activist David Einhorn on Monday unveiled a new short-selling Robbins made the comment during his presentation at the Sohn.

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Chinese elites are taking money out of the country. You would think CLB is steeped in hot markets based on bulls, but this is not the case. Default or return to Franc not out of the question.

David Einhorn Live At Sohn Conference

Company is paying out more than it earns because it refuses to cut dividend. Excerpt From His Preaentation This mistake goes back to oil collapse. David Einhorn’s Ira Sohn Presentation: Market Folly readers can receive a discount to the event by clicking here and using discount code: Shows all the RTO frauds, no specific names to short. Investment Ideas From H Disclaimer The content provided within this website is property of MarketFolly.

Other bear case is hardware company, it’s not, it’s a software company.

Newer Post Presentaton Post Home. Introductory speaker notes Allied Capital and Lehman shorts were legendary. Only time will tell. At current levels we think shares primarily reflect the existing ambulatory market opportunity with little value attributed to inpatient growth.


Japan’s two largest social network companies are in the cellar. Hint at other shorts.

David Einhorn Presentation At Ira Sohn Investment Conference

Advocates use of perpetual preferred stocks. Below are notes from his presentation. Negative words on Amazon. Long Son, Short Platinum I He screamed through slides and provided very little detail, more of a way to touch on several ideas, so people can do their own work.

To learn more about Einhorn and his skhn process, we recommend checking out his book, Fooling Some of the People All of the Time. Banks are in trouble.

Now USD not coming in anymore, so the gig is up. Einhorn believes the company hypes a lot and constantly changes its pitch of what it does based on what is hot pdesentation shale, or whatever. Posted by market folly at 8: Prime customers are big and it is tied to capital spending outside America CLB was always riding a CapEx story never secular. Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn gave a presentation on a ton of different stocks.

Some special form of preferred. We’re posting up notes from the Ira Sohn Conference. Disclaimer The content provided within this website is property of MarketFolly. Subscribe to ValueWalk Newsletter. Howard Marks on Contrarianism: We respect your privacy no spam ever.


David Einhorn Presentation At Ira Sohn: Short AthenaHealth

CLB was always cyclical but was in right place at right time in crash but not now. Never Miss A Story! Readers can find links to ALL of our Sohn coverage at this post so you do not need to search around the site although feel free to do so. Tracking top hedge funds since Ira Sohn Conference Notes: One time fiscal stimulus has goosed earnings. He thinks a crisis has already unfolded and that our generation will be the ones paying for it.

David Einhorn Sohn Conference Presentation [LIVE]

Short US Steel X. When they stop going up…. You can also download a. For more coverage of this event, be sure to head to notes from the Ira Sohn Conference as well as Steve Eisman’s presentation, Subprime Goes to College. Shale lra only place where spending is growing where there is not much high revenue.

Says Trillion Dollar market caps aren’t prohibited.

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