The Hare with Amber Eyes (Illustrated Edition): A Hidden Inheritance [Edmund de Waal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The definitive. The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance by Edmund de Waal. The potter believes in the existential hum of objects, but this tale of a. “It could write itself, I think, this kind of story,” admits De Waal, celebrated ceramic artist and a descendant of the once “staggeringly rich”.

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He taught me about respect for the material and about fitness for purpose: He had a small white moustache. It is an ivory carving about what it is like to care into wood. It took close to two years for De Waal to get the biography to where it is now.

De Waal is a fine storyteller, and this is an exceptional story. Art lovers, familiar or unfamiliar with the primary art form – the netsuke, Japanese figurines – will also find a stunning number of gems related to a far wider span of art history in, among other cities, Paris Losing things can sometimes gain you a space in which to live. An appreciation for family and ancestry is galvenized as the journey returns home. Iggie died in soon after I returned to England. How things are made, how they are handled and what happens to them has been central to my life for over thirty years.

Did I tell you, he would say, how much we loved these as children? There is, as before, a lot of description, now about Vienna rather than Paris.

Or memoirs in French. Belongs on the same shelf with Vladimir Nabokov’s Speak, Memory. What he finds, and what he doesn’t find along the way. The journey is an achievement. Life in Japan immediately after the war was fascinating. It was a relief. Two afternoons a week I was in a ceramics studio, shared with everyone from retired businessmen making tea-bowls to students making avant-garde statements in rough red clay and mesh.


And there they stayed, a cuckoo in the nest, as the first world war began, and ended, and then, as Austria, unable to feed its people, allowed antisemitism to take hold.

There is no easy story in legacy. A tumble of tortoises. An omelette and salad, and toasted bread from one of the excellent French bakeries in the department stores in the Ginza.

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Family’s Century of Art and Loss by Edmund de Waal

Hare with Amber Eyes. Both are about finishing something on the subject of the half-finished. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

The book offered too much interesting information to only give one star. Anna, the saviour of the netsuke collection, is quickly dismissed nobody in the family even remembers her last name ; and of course the doorman is blamed for letting the gates wide open for the Gestapo on an inspection visit as if a closed door was going to stop them. He bought the grain from the middlemen who transported it on carts from the rich black soil of the Ukrainian wheat fields, the greatest wheat fields in the world, into the port of Odessa.

Monday 31 December Iggie was eighty-four and slightly stooped. Did I like it?

Her older daughter grew up to disdain fashionable society. His grandmother Elisabeth is a significant link in this chain.

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Family’s Century of Art and Loss

Viktor and his children escaped elsewhere: But at Viktor’s home, they were equally out of place. I would have enjoyed this book more had I been less familiar with some of the topics tackled during its witb half.


Someone has gone through every single name in the lists of Viennese Jews and stamped them: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. There is the grey gravestone with both their names already inscribed on it, and a place for flowers. I found these chapters extremely dry. The focus of this family pained by anti-Semitismis on edmubd inheritance of a large collection of Japanese netsukes.

Sometimes, they are more gare than narrative thread and the need to return to them often bogs the author down; there are, after all, only so many ways to describe ambe feel of carved wood and only so many times such an image can be made to work as a symbol of patinated memory without the reader feeling that a point is being laboured.

Read it even, also, particularly, as a personal journey, an exploration into the complex world of family heritage—and inheritance. The errors are not only linguistic, but also historical and geographic: I try and imagine who owned the medlar. A wronged sense of entitlement pervades much of the book, and a lot of edmubd goes into describing how the family lost most of its wealth under the Hafe the description of the Kristallnacht mob entering the Ephrussi building and ransacking the furniture is blood-curdling.

Antisemitism At times the Ephrussis and the others of their circle were living the lives of aristocrats, but whenever anything went wrong, they were targeted in writing and the media.