Semester 4 Lecture Notes EC Control Systems -Mini Lecture Notes – REC Edition Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: pdf. ANNA UNIVERSITY EC CONTROL SYSTEMS NOTESANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 4TH SEMESTERDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: EC Subject Name: Control Systems Subject Code: EC EC Control Systems -Mini Lecture (Size: KB / Downloads: ) . Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal.

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Control Systems Syllabus for 4th Semester ECE EC2255

Write notes on controllability and absorbability. How is system classified depending on the value of damping? Construct th e equivalent Signal Flow Graph a nd obtain 8 ii For t he block diagram shown below, systeks t he output C due to R and disturbance D. What are state variables? New systems without X25 protocol support. What is polar plot? List the Frequency domain specifications What is frequency response analysis?

Explain the design procedure for lag- lead compensation. What are phase variables? Define Phase Margin Find a position, velocity and zystems error constants.

How will you find the root locus on real axis? Dene open-loop a nd closed-loop control systems. Phase lag, lead, Documents.


What is lag-lead compensation? Determine t he value of Kwhich will cause sustained oscillations in t he closed loop system. What is the type of damping?

Ec Control Systems Documents. Posted by vijaya kumar at Write down t he transfer function o f the system whose block diagram is shown below.

EC Control Systems

Dene stability o f a system. Define contrll, velocity error constants. Find the overall gain of the system whose signal flow graph is shown in fig.

What is root locus? Santa Maria Oceanic Control Center – ec. Find the rise time, percentage over shoot, peak time and settling time. Write the advantages and disadvantages of sampled data control system.

Derive the transfer function for Field controlled DC syllabjs motor. Define gain cross over frequency 9. How do you calculate the gain margin from the polar plot? What is the time domain specification needed to design a control system?

Explain state space representation for descries comtrol system. What is sampled data control system? Realize the basic compensators using electrical network and obtain the transfer function.


Compare series compensator and feed back compensator. Why derivative controller i s not used i n control system? What is steady state error? EC Control Systems Documents. Define Phase cross over frequency What is an impulse signal? Draw electrical lag-lead compensator network What is the response c t to the unit step input. What are the methods available for the stability analysis of sampled data control system?


What is the frequency domain specification needed to design a control system? What is the necessary condition for stability? Determine undamped natural frequency, damping ratio and percentage maximum overshoot for unit step input. What i s meant by Corner frequency in frequency response analysis?

What are static error constants? Plot the Bode diagram for the following transfer function and obtain the gain and phase cross over frequencies. GreenTech EC centrifugal fans for hotel climate control systems So Define Gain Margin Compare bode plot and Nyquist plot analysis.

Rajalakshmi College of Engineering – Weeblysrce-ece.