Notice: We will revise this manual’s content according to the improvement of 8. Machining STEP increments (Only when for 2 axes DRO is used or Copyrights© by Easson Measurement Technology Ltd., Feb / , All rights Reserved. THe EASSON COMPANY is a manufacturer of glass scale Digital Readout systems. EASSON’s mission is to be the premier manufacturer of. any one have a manual for an easson es-8 dro. i have purchased a grizzly mill G with an easson es-8 dro and have no manual for it.

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Concluded from our years experience in digital readout system manufacturing, in order to achieve high reliability and durability, not only the electronics and meachanical system design are important, it is also essential that the system must be constructed with easwon possible specifications material at advanced production technology.

Therefore, despite the serious market competition which keep driving the price of digital readout system lower and lower.

Latest triple stages noise filter is used in ES-8 for transducer signals input noise filtering which offer very wide frequency bandwidth 1KHz – MHz noise attenuation.

Extreme careful PCB and component layout that strictly follows all known rules to achieve highest possible noise immunity ss-8 EMC performance. Linear power supply is used in ES-8 to ensure highest possible performance in noise immunity to the electrical source.


Use of the combined capacitor-varistor noise filters in the power supply system to ensure highest possible noise and surge immunity to poor electrical source. Autotex polyester film is known as the highest quality,highest specification membrane film available almong the membrane switchmanufacturing industry.

larivaara :: Easson es 8a english manual psp

Autotex film offer excellent chemical resistance to most commonly used industry solvent and excellent switch life. Switch life of ES-8 is expected to be minimumtimes. The front plate of ES-8 is built by an 1. Our lastest in-house design 16 bit 3 axes counting ASIC that fabricated with 0.

High quality EASSON ES-8A 3axis digital readout DRO for mill lathe EDM machine

SMT assembling process is used in manufacturing of ES-8, all componets are soldered by our in-house computerized control soldering machines to achieve high quality soldering. The enclosure of ES-8 is totally sealed to protect the electronics circuitry against the hazardous environment in shop floor, such as dust, evaporated coolant, fume from Ss-8 machining and etc.

To reduce the total heat generation inside the ES-8 in order to obtain long working life. The ES-8 series is the lastest wasson function readout cabinet series from Easson lanuched on year At this e-s8, there are ten professional models in the ES-8 series covering wide range of applications, from the simplest general use simple counter to sophisicated geometric calculating functions readout cabinet for profile projector use. Our objective is being the leader in application functions innovation.


Easson ES-8A 2axis mill digital readout lathe dro W GS10 linear scale complete dro kits

ES-8 is world first readout that providespecialised functions for Tool setter. High accuracy and high resolution 1mm display are essential for grinder application. However, under the high resolution display, the last digit display may keep toggling caused by the vibration of the machine during the machining process, especially in large grinder.

The innovative virbration filtering function can filter the display toggles to obtain a more comfortable readings, and hence reduces human mistake.

Big Size SP Series. Universal Length Measuring Machine. Endless Innovation and Quality Improvment.

State of the Art Electronics Technology. Ultra Low Temperature Rise Transformer. ES-8 series Digital Readout Cabinet. SuZhou Easson Optoelectronics Co.