La Virtud del Egoísmo (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Ayn Rand. Download it once and read it on El Manantial (Spanish Edition). Ayn Rand · out of 5. Objectivist Conferences (OCON) and the Ayn Rand Institute eStore are operated by ARI. Payments to The following is a list of recent foreign editions of Ayn Rand’s works that we are aware of, although .. El Manantial (The Fountainhead) . The Fountainhead: Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff: : Libros. Compra tu Kindle aquí o descarga una aplicación de lectura Kindle GRATUITA.

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When “The Fountainhead” was first published, Ayn Rand’s daringly original literary vision and her groundbreaking philosphy, Objectivism, won immediate worldwide interest and acclaim. This instant classic is the story of an intransigent young architect, his violent battle against conventional standards, and his explosive love affair with a beautiful woman who struggles to defeat him.

This edition contains a special Afterword by Rand’s literary executor, Leonard Peikoff, which includes excerpts from Ayn Rands’ own notes on the making of “The Fountainhead.

Agregar los tres al carrito. Comprar los productos seleccionados conjuntamente Este producto: The Virtue of Selfishness: How to Get Rich: Detalles del producto Libro de bolsillo: Anthem followed in It was with the publication of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged that she achieved her spectacular success. Rand’s unique philosophy, Objectivism, has gained a worldwide audience.

The fundamentals of her philosophy are put forth in three nonfiction books, Introduction to Objectivist EpistemologyThe Virtues of Selfishnessand Capitalism: They are all available in Signet editions, as is the magnificent statement of her artistic credo, The Romantic Manifesto.

La Rebelion de Atlas.

Why Things Catch on. Mostrando de 1 opiniones. Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento.

Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. Libro de bolsillo Compra verificada. Makes a strong statement on individualism, integrity, and principaled living.

May lead you to new insights on livinging free and uncompromised. Downloaded it again to read it and remind myself what a real “superman” is. If you like to run with the herd you might not like it.

On the other hand it may remind you why it is intellectual death to submit to society’s ever changing principals mananfial mores. A must read for all independent thinkers. Startling, in that this work, combined with Atlas Shrugged, shines a beacon on the life of men in such a way that causes a sincere descargxr thorough examination of that which drives me, in my search for excellence and productivity as a man. I manantiak not previously been presented with such a reasonable and clearly spoken verbal picture of the choice all men must make, every day of their lives, often deacargar times a day, between the parasitic versus the creative mindset, and the resulting actions that naturally follow that demonstrate the truth of the decisions we make in each moment.


My chosen daily occupation as a builder grants me endless opportunity to make these choices and observe the results of each one, in the viewing of the libto product I have created, and the reception of it by those who are to use what I’ve built. Manatnial can say, resoundingly and without hesitation, that the ideology Ayn Rand has elucidated upon in Fountainhead and Descargzr Shrugged are without doubt the recipe to living a hero’s life of accomplishment and confident honesty. Her description of the tactics and motives of the parasite class connected lots of dots for me that I had previously wondered about what’s wrong with that guy that he would allow himself to build such wretched garbage?

What’s wrong with the telecom company that it uses intentionally dishonest marketing tactics to squeeze a few extra cents a month from their customers? How can “government officials” wink and turn a blind eye on horrifyingly immoral conduct by huge lending institutions who make it their policy to use predatory rnd openly fraudulent methods to confiscate property that the owners of depend upon for their shelter and livelihood? My gratitude to Ayn Rand for helping me along the path to the beginnings of wisdom, and a clearer path forward as a creative force on the planet called earth.

This book reads like a novel, but it was intended to be more than that–to present an idea in an engaging way. When I rate the characters as “one-dimensional,” lbiro is not a negative. This was done deliberately by the author because each character is an archetype of something. I love this book. I read in my youth and I’ve re-read it recently. A lot happened after Rand wrote this book. She wrote more on the philosophical front and became quite well known, if not recognized. I won’t get into that here.

I enjoy this book for what it is.

My life was made richer by it, and it will always remain one of my favorite reads of all time. I’ve read manajtial Shrugged” years ago. It was a novel that changed my life. It is like going against religion. The book itself deserves five stars. I’ve noticed patterns and even complete lines that were later found in Atlas Shrugged but it is an amazing worship to the human individualism and might.


If someone asked me what this book is about, I might answer “why, you and I, the humans, are great”.

Descargar libro el manantial ayn rand pdf Download Descargar libro el manantial ayn rand pdf

It feels like someone you can identify with and it is impossible not to love. On the other side, Toohey was the best defined villan in the industry of literature. By the end of the book you hate his guts and you want him to die a slow and painful death.

The only “problem” with this book is that there is no real completion.

There is no real happy ending. There is only a bitter sweet conclusion. You wish it could go pages more mananttial the fate of one character in special would change.

The Fountainhead: Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff: : Libros

Compared to Atlas Shrugged where these is a finality to everything as everyone either dies, goes insane or simply loses, here it feels like it is missing an act. The most representative example is Wynand. The good guy gone bad gone good who in some way you feel pity for. In the movie he committed suicide. In the book he doesn’t. And by the end of the book, my only concern was with him. You know how in some books one person sacrifices himself all for the descargr reason? You know how in others one person betrays for all the right reasons?

Now combine these two and you will have a tragic character, one manabtial you love and want to hate but you can’t. In any case, that’s beside the point of this review. If you consider the human animal is insignificant in front of a god or nature, if you consider that people are equal because of their existence and not competence, if you consider that need comes before competence and that ego is a bad thing, that pride is evil, then DO NOT read this book.

It will just annoy you. This is a book kibro those who love themselves, who love the best in human nature and who want to celebrate this. It is the American Dream. Descargaar dinero con nosotros. Desczrgar los derechos reservados. Mis pedidos Localizar mis pedidos recientes. Ver o modificar mis pedidos en Mi cuenta.