DownloadDermal tone user manual. Get file Finally threw it down on a pillow and it vibrated kb Keep broken extracted files We have to be awake and informed. Dermal tone instruction manual. Free Pdf Download 08 Beta with manual If the Windows Phone name is said, it will be just about the Name. The Dermal Tone facial exercise treatment claimed to have anti-aging effects. This portable home machine uses electric pulses to stimulate.

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I have begun using the Dermal-Tone again faithfully in the past few months. I am now over forty and beginning to take a more assertive approach to skin care. I use the Dermal-Tone Facial Exerciser approximately four times a week and can definitely see a difference in the firmness and lift in my face. I still have good muscle tone in my face, so I use this treatment as more preventative.

Dermal Tone Facial Exercise Treatment | Our Everyday Life

When using the Dermal-Tone regularly, I do particularly notice dermaltine difference in the lift My eyes appear more open and bright and the brow itself is higher. I really like the stimulating effect the Dermal-Tone treatment has for me. I dermaltnoe it really increases the blood circulation and I feel like I look healthier. I also feel my skin has a better texture when I use the Dermal-Tone regularly. I have not had any complaints with this equipment over years of use. Dermal-Tone is not in business anymore, but these units are still easily purchased on E-Bay.

I have never had occasion to need technical assistance for this machine, so it does not matter to me they are not in business. I would readily buy another Dermal-Tone. I can see in photos and in the mirror that use of the Dermal-Tone keeps me youthful looking and firm.

Agreed, this is probably a med spa or cosmetic surgeon rep. Dermaltone works better than all of those, much better. I forgot how amazing this device is Granted I do put it on a strong setting and use it a couple minutes longer than suggested.

But honestly, I looked 33 a few days ago and now look There is one side affect i noticed though, when I use to use this about 5 years ago i had used the setting too high in the area right by the eyes and started getting eyelid twitches every once in a while.

Kinda freaked me out which is why I stopped using this. They went away a couple weeks later.

Are you still using Derma Tone? What kind of results are you receiving? Not sure when you wrote this post. I just started using unit, seems to be working after just a couple sessions.

Dermal Tone Facial Exercise Treatment

How often and how many mins do you use it? I intructions another one for a full price on eBay in October I am 65, and do know the difference. Allison, I lost the cord during the move to my new house and was wondering if you would have one I could buy? Jill, Can you possibly share how one would go about repairing a Dermal Tone?


Mine died also, and I miss it. Jill, how do I repair mine? It goes and and off and very frustrating. I love it cuz it fermaltone.

I will be instruuctions grateful if you teach me how to keep the machine from dying on me every few seconds then restarts to die again. I can see insrtuctions in under eyes, around nose and mouth lines. My skin feels tighter after using it. The only thing it does not do is tighten under chin, like the middle of neck. I am starting to see turkey neck developing, which this system does not target. I would recommend this to anyone, because it does work. Can Dermal-Tone be used by person with a pacemaker?

I really would appreciate an answer to this question. Electronic muscle stimulators do carry risks and should not be used by pregnant women, those with pacemakers, multiple sclerosis or a nervous tissue disease. I stopped using it because I ran out of he facial lotion that went with the machine. Could anyone tell me where I can order one? You can use any lotion with this and it works fine. I just use an aloe lotion that I had at home.

You do not need the original lotion that comes with the unit.

Dermal Tone Instructions

You can use any facial lotion as long as the first ingredient is water. I just buy the cheapest drugstore facial lotion and wash off after using. IIt is happened to me, and I moisturized my skin and use with water only refreshing the area to be worked, I mean every point to be exircise. I just use water. The instructions say you can. I just started using it again. My face has become very wrinkled with age. Try Nuface gel primer. Look around on line for a cheaper price though, I got it through Amazon.

I have used the Dermal-Tone Facial Exerciser off and on for 15 years and have never had a problem with the device or any damage to my skin or nerves. When I use it faithfully, I see real results. My skin looks healthier, too. Sometimes I think – I have better concentration as well. I love this product.

I use the Dermal-Tone Facial Exerciser approximately four times a week and can definitely see a difference insstructions the firmness and lift in my insturctions I have lost my instructions for my dermal at one.

If someone could text me the instructions I would be so grateful. Next, it works best if you apply aloe vera gel or a water based lotion that you like on your face before using the Dermal Tone muscle stimulator. Using intensity B and the two contact points, work your eyebrow area by placing the Dermal Tone horizontally above your eyebrow line and holding in position for 10 seconds. Repeat on your other eyebrow. You should feel a lifting and a tingling sensation when the instructoons are being worked.


To work your chin and neck area: Begin on the Inwtructions setting and hold the Dermal Tone vertically and place it on the side of your windpipe. Hold for 10 seconds and then alternate to under and above the jawbone.

You will feel your muscles contract and pull and these muscles are worked. It is important that you start with the A setting and only increase when your muscles are used to the procedure and begin to get stronger. For the Cheek area: Holding the device in a horizontal position on setting B, slowly up and down from the jaw to the outer corner of your eye to work the cheek area.

Hold the Dermal Tone in place for 10 seconds in each position. You may see and feel your skin pull. It is important that you start off with low settings first and gradually move up in settings as your muscles are worked. Also, it is advised to use this system with the proper diet and exercise so that you will achieve desired results. I just want to thank you for the instructions, it was so nice of you to take the time to help me.

Thank you and may God bless…. You are an angelJennfer, thank you. Would you have informqtion on how to repair it though? It clicks offf everytime I use it – on and off. Can t complete my cycle frustrating. Are you still using the Derma Tone? How old are you now and how many years have you been using it?

How many times a week do you use it and for how long total session and for each area?

I instructiojs this devise many years ago and it had remarkable results. My sister-in-law thought that I had a facelift. I kept my Dermal Tone Facial Equipment and have started using it again. I am now 63 and soon to be 64, If it does half for me what it did 15 years ago, I will be sooo happy. I dermalttone keep you posted on my results. I have not always been faithful about using it, but I can honestly say that when I do use it faithfully I experience very good results I have had the Dermal-Tone Facial Exerciser for years and it gives me a better facial lift than any other facial stabilizer that I have used.

inxtructions ReviewStream real consumers real experience. Why should I trust? Many thanks reply agree? Your opinion is valuable. Sidenotes Want to buy Gift it to me.