Train Man: The Novel (Del Rey Books (Paperback)) [Hitori Nakano] on Amazon. com. Now here’s the novel that started it all. .. Train Man: Densha Otoko. Train_Man: Densha Otoko. Hidenori Hara, Author, Hidenori Hara, Illustrator, Hitori Nakano, Other. Viz $ (p) ISBN Densha Otoko has 62 ratings and 11 reviews. I’ve been meaning to read Train Man (the novel) but the books is so expensive and i tried searching for an.

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Densha Otoko : Hitoro Nakano :

A new best seller has appeared, bringing an old-fashioned love story into the digital age. This story first came to otok attention as postings from March through May this year on a message board on the Web site 2 Channel Nichanneru in which Trainman asked for and received advice from fellow geeks on how to approach Miss Hermes.

These postings from Trainman reporting on the progress of his new relationship, and of encouragement from hundreds of anonymous well-wishers, were published in book-form by Shinchosha last month, selling overcopies in three weeks. In dehsha first posting he tells of his chance encounter in the train; two days later he receives a set of Hermes teacups from her as a dendha gift and obsesses online on whether or not to telephone her and ask for a date.

Finally he plucks up the courage to call her and they agree to meet for dinner — his first ever date with a woman. With the advice of his online supporters, he gets a stylish new haircut, buys new clothes, otko decides to get contact lenses.


They have another dinner date, at which a friend of hers checks him out, and start exchanging cell-phone messages daily. In April they have tea together at her home using the gift teacups and in May he goes shopping with her nnovel a computer. Later that day in a park he confesses his feelings nkvel her and she reveals that she returns them, culminating in a happy ending for Trainman and Miss Hermes, which is greeted online with a wave of rapturous pictograms and congratulatory messages.

Well, I must admit to mixed feelings about this book. Finally, the whole story seems too good to be true — reportedly there is speculation on the Web that it might be an elaborate hoax.

Rather than a mischievous or malicious trick, however, the book often felt to me like an otaku wish-fulfillment fantasy: Someday I will magically meet Miss Right, rescue her like a knight on a white horse, be transformed into Mr.

Right, and we will live happily ever after.

The reaction of Miss Hermes when Trainman belatedly shows her the log of his postings about their private affairs was particularly unbelievable to me. Far from being hurt or angry, she is impressed by what good friends he has!

Then again, perhaps such a reaction is due to my being from an analog generation, growing up only with television and land-line phones.

Densha Otoko (Train Man) | Novel –

In fact, an article in Spa Sept. Twenty-eight-year-olds are the pocket-paper generation; they tend to write long, letter-style e-mails. Twenty-four-year-olds were raised on cell phones but during the transition period to broadband Net accesswhile year-olds have only known fixed-fee, broadband access to the Net. Not surprisingly, there is friction at work between older workers and those under nove, Younger workers think nothing of writing messages in a very informal style and of sending Yahoo electronic Christmas cards when asked to write nengajo New Year cards.


Hey Mr. Trainman

They may have Net skills, but they lack the ability to realize that not all densua share their attitude to cell-phone messaging, which they find as natural as breathing. One year-old told Spa! Lovers are not immune from this digital gap.

With all these messages, they sometimes find themselves with not much to talk about when they are actually together in person. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. If you’re otlko sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: Looking back on the dogged nature of canine fiction With the success of ‘s “The Traveling Cat Chronicles” joining a clutter of famous feline-linked Japanese denzha, cats definitely receive literary affection in Japan.

Yet as this year’s. Sending Japanese literature westward Red Circle Authors, a unique endeavor in the publishing world, aims to connect East and West through literature. As founders and directors Koji Eensha and Richard Nathan explained in a recent Delve into a teenager’s consciousness with Osamu Dazai’s ‘Schoolgirl’ Published in”Schoolgirl” established Osamu Dazai’s career as a writer.