Description. This course is an introduction to ERP supported by SAP ERP with the IDES database. The method is developed for business schools and. De praktijk van mySAP en IDES. 1. Errata Hands-on with SAP ERP and IDES version. General comment: the menus within accounting have been adjusted . SAP ERP modules are notoriously hard to configure and use effectively without a lot of practice and experience. But as SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling: Configuration and Use Management De praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES.

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Although my interest in. Using the Insert method, one has more control over the position where the activity will be inserted. For this very reason, it makes sense to look for dynamic adaptation mechanisms prxktijk allow one or more instances of a workflow to be changed at runtime.

Based on human inspection of one workflow instance, business people might decide to change a whole set of workflow instances and they want the change to become effective right away.

| SAP NetWeaver For Dummies, Dan Woods | | Boeken

vxn Nevertheless, moving some queries to the database layer as stored procedures would be a good thing, allowing for tighter access control at the DBMS level and possibly boosting performance.

It s very common for software to contain lots of boilerplate code in order to authorize users or to log diagnostic information at execution time.

If an update is demanded, different options are available: In the end, workflow is much more than some graphical toy and prajtijk a broad set of applications: As we ve seen previously, workflow instances are hosted by a workflow runtime that s responsible for the scheduling, the communication with services and the instance lifecycles. A colored approach to indicate success or failure, as used in a flowchart like the one in Figure 20 is much more intuitive.

Samenvatting Imagine that it’s the s, and you are in charge of developing the U. A copy of this paper is included in Appendix A. Another interesting thing to know is the lack of direct WCF support in WF, something that can only be established by manual coding.

IQuery private string name; private OdbcCommand cmd; private OdbcConnection connection; private Column[] outputcolumns; private SybaseQuery string name, OdbcConnection connection, string statement, OdbcParameter[] parameters, Column[] outputcolumns this.


Another possibility is to use the workflow invocation activity of WF. Looking at the future, I m happy to face another big oversea challenge.

When such a hint is present for the suspended workflow instance and for the current suspension point, an update is applied, possibly loading an activity dynamically from disk in order to be inserted in the workflow instance. Workflow instrumentation is the action of adding activities dynamically on pre-defined places in the activity tree of a newly created workflow instance before it s started. This is illustrated in Code We could also allow for reuse of the same Stopwatch instance by providing a reset action that calls the Stopwatch instance s Reset method.

Our approach therefore consists of defining a regular communication-poor workflow, wrapped in an interface that s exposed as a WCF operational contract. Remember that WF is all about control flows and there is no intrinsic concept of data exchange between activities in a contract-driven manner.

Notice that this way of tracking is slightly different from the built-in tracking service in WF. Using our tool, such an adaptation can be applied in a safe manner, without causing any downtime of the order processing application and with guarantees concerning the workflow instance s correctness. Once validation has been done, one can signal the suspended instances to grab the modification, apply it and continue their journey.

Gratis verzending 30 dagen bedenktijd en gratis retourneren Ophalen bij een bol. In code fragment Code 24 you can see the definition of such a simple logging activity which has a few restrictions we ll talk about in a minute. Consider the situation in which we want to inject a start counter activity on position A and a stop counter activity on position B. The tool allows inspecting workflows that are still running or have terminated their lifecycle. The primary drawback to this methodology is the invasive nature of dynamic activity injections that can touch the inside of the workflow instance, effectively breaking encapsulation.

This data representation format makes inspection at runtime, e. Imagine the case in which company policies change during the lifetime of an order process workflow, e. For sake of the demo, we ll just print the logging messages to the console.

Assume we want to check that the Age property has been set correctly; in order to do so, we d like to inject a logging activity into the workflow instance in order to inspect the internal values at runtime. Since changes are applied on an instance-per-instance basis, exceptions thrown upon failure to change an instance only affect one particular workflow adaption at a time, so rich failure reporting and retry logic can be added if desired.


The creation of such a declarative rule condition is illustrated in Figure 5. Essentially it allows for a contract-based data exchange mechanism, by providing an interface that is used inside the workflow definition to call operations, e.

NetWeaver is both an application platform and an integration platform.

WriteLine praktihk, i, results[i] ; Code 37 – Implementing the inspector reporting interface Next, we should not forget to hook up this inspector service at the workflow runtime level. An important aspect to data-driven workflows is the communication ppraktijk employed to talk to the database.

Based on a Tracking Profile, only the desired data is tracked by the tracking service. Verkoop door De boekenkade. In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje. The core implementation of this activity is outlined below in Code Depending on the application type, the workflow runtime will have a workload varying from a few concurrent instances to a whole bunch of instances that need to be served in parallel, a task performed by WF s scheduling service.

This way a business process can be adapted dynamically, reducing downtime that would occur in typical procedural code due to recompilations. For example, queries could be stored in XML or in a database, by implementing the query retrieval interface in a suitable way.

Summary De praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES

One good reason to praktjik workflows is the visual representation of workflows that makes them easier to understand and to maintain. WF does support long-running workflows to be migrated from one host to another as a result of a suspendresume cycle of operations. This effectively allows to expose long-running stateful workflows through web services.

As a good practice, developers should adopt strict rules when writing injections since there s not much the runtime can do to protect them against malicious actions.