User Manual Cuplok () – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. User Guide SGB Cuplock Scaffold System. Uploaded by. S. GUIDANCE NOTE. This manual is valid only for the use of. Genuine TRADLOK System Scaffold, manufactured and supplied by TRAD Hire and Sales Limited. This document is subject to periodic revision and updating. Before designing scaffolds with. Systems™ Scaffold components, visit to be.

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A spigotless verticals must always be used at the top so that manusl jack can be inserted. If bricklayers scaffolds are to have the working platform two lifts above the last tie, then ledger bracing should be used for the two lifts under the platform.

The resulting moment should then be divided by the horizontal length of the line bracing. The largest main lift page for Grade 43 and page or for Grade 50 steel. Horizontals to be checked for level.

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Note that tie patterns Type C and Type D, are then particularly useful. During erection care must be taken to see that the trapezium shaped bays are erected keeping a true shape on plan, otherwise the desired diameters will not be achieved. Providing the worst condition is catered for both conditions are satisfied. Permissible heights, depending on loading and tie pattern, are shown on page Note that with the introduction of the use of steel Grade 50 for the verticals recognizable by their top cups with four lugs care is to be taken to use the correct data sheets when determining the permissible loads for the main lifts.

See page When providing access around the inside of a curve i. The resultant force should then be multiplied by the distance from the base of the structure to the point at which the force acts. Horizontal forces should be distributed over all verticals as evenly as possible. Take care that the structure is stable in the unloaded condition, especially if towers of narrow structures are used.


The unbraced scaffold is maximum 3 lifts high. For calculating the actual axial loads the own weight of the structure must be included. Jacks Unbraced – Top Lift 1.

Suitable additional clearance must be allowed. In general, jack bracing should be avoided wherever possible, by designing the structure so that only the smallest jack extensions are required at top and bottom. This is preferable to the zig – zag or parallel bracing in one bay, which has previously been recommended, as it reduces the additional load in a leg due to the horizontal loading. The scheme drawing must be checked by a competent designer other than the original designer.

The extension of the jack at the top, and the bottom, should be balanced, to give equal load carrying capacity, as shown on Data Sheets onwards. The bracing can be provided externally, i. The circle is finally closed with adjustable ledgers or tubes and couplers if standard horizontals will not do.

Diagonal bracing within the structure must be provided in accordance with the guide to bracing on page The maximum Safe Working Axial Loads of the braces in tension or compression depends on the type of brace used. Providing the worst condition is catered for both conditions, satisfied.

Rocking Forkhead 1 The Cuplok Rocking Forkhead replaces a normal forkhead where slabs with sloping soffits have to be constructed. If ties are only connected to the inside horizontal or vertical, then plan braces should be put in at every tied level in the same bays as the face bracing.

If this is required, construct as shown above, using diagonal face bracing to inside and outside faces. Hop – Up Brackets The rules for hop – up brackets, are the same as for straight runs. The horizontal in the first cup is to be preferred.

CUPLOK Data Sheets | Ramakrishnan Sundaram –

The eccentricity, e, of the load to the centre of the screw jack may not exceed 25mm. Plan View B Six 8. If braces are terminated within the structure sdaffolding vertical component force must be added to all other vertical forces and the total must not exceed the loads stated.

Values are given for the case of the horizontal in the first cup from the top or bottom of the vertical and for the horizontal in the second cup. Galvanized steel pipe galvanized scaffolding ringlock ladder bracket made in China. The values apply regardless of the type of formwork to be supported. Horizontal forces have to include wind forces, the effect of eccentricity, and out of plumb as per BS.


The direction of the braces must be alternated. This requires one complete brace from the top to the bottom lacing level, on each row of standards, once in 7 bays, in each direction. The extension of the jack is max.

They may be made up as shown. A trial spacing of verticals has to be established after assessing the intensity of the load to be supported and the type of formwork in use. When the end point load is 11 kN or less, only one brace need be used as shown in the diagram. So m e Ty pic al Lay o uts Dia. The first and last Cuplok node point in the verticals must be laced with horizontals. It is not possible to obtain this rating without drastically reducing the load carrying capacity of the vertical that supports it.

These are identified by a colour cuplocl and four lug cups. This information applies for jacks unbraced.

cuplock scaffolding manual

The galvanized surface makes scaffolding plank more stronger in the rainy days and moist environment. Such towers will have to be ledger braced in both directions and a plan brace may be necessary to keep the tower square. All the vertical loads are applied axially, but see clause 7. Downward forces give additional compression and are therefore the most critical.

If thicker boards are used, greater lengths may be considered. Guidance Note For this heavier duty and in particular when new equipment is supplied, it will greatly assist in the striking of the falsework if the top screw jacks are lubricated.