Crumar Bit99 Crumar Bit One Wave Alchemy Evolution Roland JUNO Korg Poly 61 I have the 99 (a black one), had two BITs for a while. The Crumar Bit 99 has an average rating of out of 5.(The Crumar Bit 99 has a total of 10 reviews). Sonic State:SynthSite:Crumar Bit 99 ted by Henri Pigmans. Also on this page: links to other resources for the Crumar Bit

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The Bit 99 is one of the first synthesizers from which traditional knobs and sliders have been banned.

The edit method is crimar to understand. The Bit 99 can produce a wide variety of sounds but bass sounds are the best. With a polyphony of three notes, instead of six normally, you can have two sounds layered!

  ISO 7046-1 PDF

Sounds Of The Crumar Bit 99 Synthesizer – Synthtopia

Possibilities are almost unlimited and if the 99 patches are not enough you can save the data to tape and load it when you want!

This synth was used by State but the synth sounds a lot like Orbital ‘s “In-sides” album.

A rackmount version was also released, called the Bit Crumar Bit One fault Crumar performer output noise when chords press Crumar performer,All keys works fine,but when pressed two or more keys chord together ,it makes noise. It Works perfectly, except that depending Crumar Performer Brass Section Hi there.

Crumar Bit 99 Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

When the Decay on brass section is at “0” do you lose most of the control of your Just played italian sound only: View the discussion thread. Audio Clip 1 Here’s a simple demo pattern from the Breakthru web site.

Your browser does not support the audio element. Polyphony – 6 voices. Oscillators – 2 DCOs per voice. Keyboard – 61 full size keys, slightly weighted.


Memory – 99 patches 75 single programs and from 76 to 99 for “split” or “double” xrumar. Date Produced – – Additional information provided by Telmo J.