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George Siemens, Oslo, noviembre – [PDF Document]

What does it mean to us? Filling a gap in our neural networks creates new pathways.

In this model, our primary task was to absorb or consume the structure of information created by a third party. Degree centrality – the number of direct connections a node has – a well connected node – a busy hub. Learning is a process of connecting specialized nodes or information sources.

Conociendo el conocimiento

It “is more critical than what is currently known” Siemens Indeed they themselves seem stuck in a primitive pedagogy that depends on lectures which they will defend to the death. A measure of the importance of a node in a network.

This cycle of knowledge development personal to network to organization allows learners to remain current in their field through the connections they have formed. A central concept of connectivism. Solutions are contained within the problems themselves not external, templated responsesand problems always morph as we begin to work on them. Instead of diemens to force the new nature of knowledge into organizational structures, let it exist for a while.


They suggest that the answer to the “mystery of excessive learning” is found in the “weak interrelations,” which exist in certain domains of knowledge.

What happens when all of my information comes only from sources that promote view points I already hold? We have become active organizers of individual agents.

New information is continually being acquired. People of different political stripes, for example, are able to dialogue because of the common language and understanding created by centering agents. Think about what that means to our organizations today.


Not for the first time have such vague, unsubstantiated ideas gained currency among educators. Trend of information is abundanceDo you really need a citation?

In the case of the hammer, it means we can build a doghouse, a bookshelf, or a house. The assumption that order does not exist unless we enforce it, is false. Hierarchies have a role, but at a much diminished level…and always within the appropriate context. Some elements are knowable…others are complex. Learning and knowing occur in networks and ecologies, not hierarchical, pre-organized structures. Real things happen in the real world because we communicate through these networks.

If a learning community equates somewhat with a course, then our learning network is equivalent to a degree program. Closing spaces equals closing minds. It is an expression of structure such as the constellation of connections that enable the movement of an arm, or those that define a particular memory.

George Siemens, Oslo, noviembre 2009

Does this relate to learning? We think we are making great concessions when we give individuals control and start to see them as co-creators. To advocate for social technologies or informal learningis not to deem all hierarchy as irrelevant. Funding reductions in public educationhttp: We wade into the river of knowledge, not to direct its flow to a predefined purpose, but to recognize the patterns that are emerging and to base our actions on changed context and characteristics of knowledge.


Page Tools Insert semens Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. A hammer is not only useful for hitting nails. Unlocking the global education imperative: When we dialogue, it is in relation to something—to an event, a person, or some situation before us.

It was a genuine learning experience for me, Jan and many of her friends. Decentralization is effective when things change rapidly, diverse viewpoints are required, and knowledge has not settled into a “knowable, defined” state.

Content is something that is created in the process of learning, not only in advance of learning. Siemens [ edit ] node An entity in a network with connections. Then we select the tool. The central filtering agent is no longer the newspaper, teacher, manager, or institution. It is difficult ocnociendo accept that order and meaning can emerge on its own.