Complete Arcane, 03/16/ Complete Champion Complete Scoundrel, 09/ 24/ Complete 02/16/ Expanded Psionics Handbook, 02/16/ I remember the old forum had a thread for Ultimate Psionics Errata I Does the errata for psionics expanded apply to Ultimate Psioincs?. I haven’t seen official errata yet on complete psionic – and I’m missing something. In the original version of astra construct – I didn’t see anything.

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Post as a guest Name. All times are GMT There may have been threads like this before, but my first search didn’t come up with anything relevant and there’s the annoying 5 minute delay on searches, so I just posted this.

Ultimate Psionics Errata

Would you rather I spent all my money on alcohol like others in my peer group? You must be compleye in to reply to this topic.

Any chance we can have that posted on the forums here? I don’t suppose we can add: That should probably be that it applies to your Mind Blade, instead stacking with your existing Mind Blade enhancement bonus. erraya

Official D&D Updates

The author kindly shared it with me, and I put it up as a public service, with permission. Which bits require only minor adjusting to work?


Thanks for the coomplete. Hey I Can Chan k 12 Last edited by Artanis; at First and foremost, fix the Mind Blast. Changing that won’t break anything, will it? Procrastination is the thief of time; Year after year it steals, till all are fled, And to the mercies of a moment leaves; The vast concerns of an eternal scene.

I have to say, though, that the synad is an interesting PC race. Some of the powers are nice, though, especially if you want to run a total psionics setting and need someone who can heal semi-efficiently. I was thinking of the “special ability” bonuses i.

Keep the racial feats that don’t do exactly that like Xeph Celerity. See my gripe about Synchronicity above. So the “ranged soulknife” actually benefits more from Ranger or Druid, or whatever levels than from what should be the blatantly obvious complement. I’m not a stickler for the “great history of mind flayers”, so the Heritage feats don’t irk me too much, but I usually end up reflavoring them anyway.

For three, we have very, very little in the way of expanding psionics as it is; instead, we got NEW base classes, and most of the support is for them.

dnd e – Is there a Complete Psionic errata document? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

I want to get this errata as well. I’m way on the other side of the universe but look like pretty rings. I’m still going to include at least a sidebar on changing the flavor of the class, but there are just so many options for doing so.


I have heard a lot of baaaaad things about this book, but I must say all three base classes it presents look interesting, playable, and fairly balanced as classes go I haven’t complette very far, so I won’t comment on the other chapters right now. P They make reference to Manifester Level, but do not state if it’s equal to class level or otherwise. Swoop Falcon I make made?

Thraan, City of Fear: For one thing, some of the mindblade complee can really help make a quasi-effective soulknife. Out of the PrCs, the Ebon Saint isn’t bad for that psionic assassin niche role. Clerics should be more like that IMHO. What can you guys come up with? Here are the official starting age so far: