CJ1W-PRM21 Omron Automation and Safety Controllers CJ1 Profibus Master datasheet, inventory, & pricing. This article (NJ base) explains how to setup the configuration for the NJ with a CJ1W-PRM21 Profibus communication unit connecting. Buy Omron CJ1W Series PLC I/O Module, 31 x 90 x 68 mm CJ1W-PRM Browse our latest plc-i-o-modules offers. Free Next Day Delivery.

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CX-Configurator CJ1W-PRM21 connection problems.

Product Support Services Forum mySupport. All about Decentral Peripherie.

Follow us on Twitter Youtube. I configured cjj1w S7 project the slave parameters. I also programed the functions send and recv acording with the master configuration. The number of bytes its going to recive and send. The master tell me that the slave have a invalid response.


CX-Configurator CJ1W-PRM21 connection problems. – Other Omron Software –

I should do any thing else, Thaks. The GSD file you will find here: This contribution was helpful to 1 thankful Users dchartier. I made a diagnostic to pr21 cp and appear this error: Here I have que diagnostic of the cp slave. Hello Ariel; You seem to have had difficulty in uploading your diagnostic information.

If this is already done, it would be good to see how they have been configured. Have a look at the following FAQ and attached links: Hello Daniel, Thanks for your answer. I uploaded the file already. Hello Ariel; In your diagnostic messages a few stand out, at first glance ArielP 10!!

Hope this helps, Daniel Chartier. Hello, the BF led blink in the omron master, the slave appear only with the led run. But it’s possible that the problem is the hardware config. The module was cj1e to firmware V3, but I have only in step 7 the product versions 1 and 2.


What I can do. In the front of the module apeare that is the version 2.