Neil Gresham tells us how to get stronger but stay safe when using a campus- board training to gain strength and endurance. In order for you to get the most out of this short Fall climbing season, try increasing your contact and core strength with campus board training. Learning how to. When it comes to training one of the most intimidating tools we can think of is the campus board. We know that this big, imposing board covered.

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However, some implementations may utilize bolt on climbing holds or sections of dampusboard. Juniors under 17 years of age should not do foot-off campusing. Crux Crush We’ve got a crush on all things climbing.

No need for elites to campus more than three times per week.

Thanks for all the tips Galina! The main exercise is tarining laddering, but you can spice things up with variations such as up and downs, where you go up one rung, return to the start ,and then go up one rung higher each time until you top out. As the trainig suggests!

Open hand, aka drag grip. Another simple but great exercise is to begin on the floor holding the bottom rung and then attempt to jump up to the highest rung you can reach. Would you recommend continuing the ladder sets of 4 or doing more with feet on or something else?

A campus board is a training tool that has been widely adopted to improve rock climbing performance.

The idea is to repeat basic patterns of movement on a campus board to increase your upper body strength. I appreciate all of the information regarding working out using the campus board.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Start with both hands on rung two or three, then simultaneously snatch up to a higher rung with one arm while snatching to a lower rung with the other arm. However, this exercise is easily made more difficult by reaching higher with your moving arm, coming down below your anchor arm, and increasing speed and number of repetitions. The third number, 0, refers to how many rungs your anchor hand goes above the moving hand.

Ladder traverses Advanced Essentially, ladders on steroids.

How To Train On The Campus Board – Crux Crush

The training variables will be rung size and spacing and whether or not you go footless. Pull through on this, and catch a higher rung with the lower arm. If you do notice your thumb clinch over your index finger while on the board then drop off. A really simple way of training absolute power is campusboarr attempt the biggest possible movement from a matched position on the bottom rung.

Campus-Board Training

trakning Anytime you see the letter M, you are starting or ending matched on a rung. Rest, then repeat, leading with the other arm.

Contact strength describes the ability to activate your muscles powerfully in a short period of time. October 25, at If you are campusing on slopers then there is no wrong way to hold them. Campusboarf spacing is 22 cm on a 15 degree overhang.

Consequently, I close-crimped every rung until someone politely tapped me on the shoulder and explained that I was destroying my tendons.

This grip develops strength for pockets or climbing openhanded on edges, but go carefully, as the injury risk may be slightly higher than with the half-crimp or chisel. Everything you do on a campus board short of endurance exercises is going to improve contact strength. I recommend using your lower hand to push through the movement but if you are reaching the higher levels and wish to be really strict, this can be cut out.


Remember, these exercises are designed to be working the top level of your strength. I like that you took the time to mention steps for beginners as well as experts on how they can get better at it. The further you throw the more contact xampusboard will be required to grab the hold. You now have the tools to traibing your own campus board sessions. Rather than campus year round, campus in phases of three to six weeks.

Campus board

To prime your fingers, start by ttraining your feet on a small ledge before progressing to the full bodyweight version. There are countless possibilities.

As a guideline, pay attention to your index finger, which should be relatively straight. You wait until you are fully rested and then give it your best rraining. Moving between rungs are the most difficult on a campus board and a coveted achievement in climbing.

Neil Gresham, an all-arounder, has coached climbing for over 20 years.

And watching loads of YouTube videos. For a power endurance workout perform reps ladders each rep with minute rests in between.

For a power endurance workout, start matched on a rung, explode off one arm and tap the highest rung you can reach, then come back down to the rung you started on and go immediately with the other side.