Calyptranthes grandifolia is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Calyptranthes (family Myrtaceae). The record. Calyptranthes grandifolia in Mart. Go To Encyclopedia of Life Family: Myrtaceae. Calyptranthes grandifolia image. Web Links. Encyclopedia of Life. Calyptranthes grandifolia (Myrtaceae) ethanolic extract inhibits TNF-α gene expression and cytokine release in vitro. Article (PDF.

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Calyptranthes is a genus of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae. They are known commonly as lidflowersspicewoodsand mountainbays. They are evergreen shrubs or small treesgrowing to 5 meters tall. They have simple, opposite, evergreen leaves and clusters of small flowers lacking petals. The sepals are capped in bud by a lidlike cover, which is shed later.

The fruit is a dry, berry-like, reddish brown. The bark is smooth to scaly and pale-white in color. The genus is widely distributed across the warmer parts of the Western Hemisphere, from FloridaMexico and the Bahamas south to Uruguay.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Calyptranthes Calyptranthes clusiifolia Scientific classification Grandifloia Calyptranthes Sw Synonyms [1] Chytraculia P. Liogier Puerto Rico mountainbay Calyptranthes acunae A.

Muniz Calyptranthes acutissima Urb. Borhidi Calyptranthes amarulenta B.

Neotropical Plant Portal – Calyptranthes grandifolia

Holst Calyptranthes amoena Pilg. Calyptranthes amshoffae McVaugh Calyptranthes anacletoi A. Muniz Calyptranthes anceps O.


Berg Calyptranthes angustifolia Kiaersk. Calyptranthes apoda McVaugh Calyptranthes arborea Urb. Berg Calyptranthes banilejoana Alain H. Liogier Calyptranthes baracoensis A. Berg Calyptranthes bipennis O. Berg Calyptranthes blanchetiana O. Berg Calyptranthes boldinghii Urb.

Holst Calyptranthes bracteosa Urb. Calyptranthes calderonii Standley Calyptranthes calophylla Urb. Calyptranthes canaliculata McVaugh Calyptranthes canapuensis Urb. Proctor Calyptranthes capitellata Buch. Wilson Calyptranthes caryophyllata Pers. Calyptranthes caudata Gardner Calyptranthes cephalantha O. Berg Calyptranthes chiapensis Lundell Calyptranthes chrysophylloides Urb.

Wilson Calyptranthes clusiaefolia Miq. Calyptranthes contrerasii Lundell Calyptranthes cordata O.

Berg Calyptranthes cordifolia Moon Calyptranthes corymbosa C. Blume Calyptranthes costaricensis O. Berg Calyptranthes costata Buch. Grandifollia crebra McVaugh Calyptranthes cristalensis A. Borhidi Calyptranthes cubensis O.

Berg Calyptranthes cumini Pers. Calyptranthes cuminodora Stokes Calyptranthes cuneata Buch -Ham. Calyptranthes cuneifolia Lundell Calyptranthes cuprea O.

Berg Calyptranthes cuspidata Mart. Mattos Calyptranthes decandra Griseb. Calyptranthes enneantha Wright in Sauvalle Calyptranthes eriocephala Urb. Borhidi Calyptranthes estremenae Alain H. Liogier Las Cuevas mountainbay Calyptranthes eugenioides Cambess. Calyptranthes euryphylla Standley Calyptranthes exasperata A. Borhidi Calyptranthes fasciculata O. Berg Calyptranthes fastigiata O.

Calyptranthes — Wikipédia

Calyptranthes gracilipes Wright in Sauvalle Calyptranthes grammica Spreng. Legrand Calyptranthes grandiflora Berg Calyptranthes grandifolia O. Berg Calyptranthes grandis Buch. Calyptranthes guayabillo Alain H. Liogier Calyptranthes guineensis Willd. Bisse Calyptranthes involucrata Urb.

Calyptranthes killipii Standley Calyptranthes kleinii C. Berg Calyptranthes langsdorffi Berg Calyptranthes langsdorffii O. Berg Calyptranthes lateriflora DC.

Calyptranthes laxiflora Blume Calyptranthes leonis A. Calyptranthes limoncillo Alain H. Liogier Calyptranthes lindeniana O. Berg Calyptranthes linearis Alain Calyptranthes litoralis Urb.

Calyptranthes luetzelburgii Burret ex Luetzelb. Berg Calyptranthes maestrensis Urb. Calyptranthes mammosa Lundell Calyptranthes mangiferifolia Hance ex Walp. Calyptranthes martorellii Alain H. Liogier Martorell’s lidflower Calyptranthes maschalantha O. Calyptranthes mayana Lundell Calyptranthes mayarensis A. Borhidi Calyptranthes megistophylla Standley Calyptranthes melanoclada O.


Berg Xalyptranthes meridensis Steyerm. Calyptranthes mexicana Lundell Calyptranthes micrantha Wright ex Griseb. Borhidi Calyptranthes mirabilis J. Borhidi Calyptranthes musciflora Berg Calyptranthes mutabilis O.

Berg Calyptranthes myrcioides Urb. Muniz Calyptranthes nitida Raeusch. Berg Calyptranthes oleina Wight Calyptranthes oligantha Urb. Pale lidflower Calyptranthes palustris Urb. Berg Calyptranthes peninsularis J. Bisse Calyptranthes pereireana J. Borhidi Calyptranthes poeppigiana O. Berg Calyptranthes pohliana O. Berg Calyptranthes pollicina Willem.

Berg Calyptranthes polyneura Urb. Muniz Calyptranthes pteropoda O. Berg Calyptranthes pulchella DC. Grqndifolia pullei Burret grandifoli Amshoff Calyptranthes punctata Griseb.

Calyptranthes pyrifolia Blume Calyptranthes quinoensis Gransifolia. Legrand Calyptranthes regeliana O. Berg Calyptranthes reitziana C.

Calyptranthes grandifolia

Legrand Calyptranthes restingae M. Legrand Calyptranthes rostrata Blume Calyptranthes rotundata Griseb. Calyptranthes rubella Berg C. Legrand Calyptranthes rufa O. Berg Calyptranthes rufescens J.

Berg Calyptranthes rupicola Urb. Calyptranthes salamensis Lundell Calyptranthes salicifolia Urb. Berg Calyptranthes schiediana Berg Calyptranthes schlechtendaliana O. Berg Calyptranthes scoparia O. Berg Calyptranthes seemanni Seem.