Bifid mandibular canal is a rare anatomical variation that can be of considerable interest to a dentist. This condition can lead to complications when performing. Bifid mandibular canal could be an interesting variation in the mandible. This condition can pose complications during surgical procedures in the mandible, such. Bifid mandibular canals (BMCs) are variations of the normal anatomy, with a reported prevalence ranging from to 65%. Aberrations of the mandibular canal.

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Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Hereby, we report the presence of caanl mandibular canal in the first molar region, an unusual presentation. A higher incidence was reported by Durst and Snow [8.

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Using implants in these patients can also cause damage to the second canal. A year old male presented to our office for extraction of his wisdom teeth.

Literature review and case report. The human mandibular canal arises from three separate canals innervating different tooth groups.


Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Many complications can occur from this condition such as failure of anesthesia when performing inferior alveolar nerve block, manxibular during the surgical extraction of the third mandibular molar, and during implants placement.

Bifid mandibular canal: Report of 2 cases and review of literature

How to cite this article: Observation of bifid mandibular canal using cone-beam computerized tomography. Observation of bifid mandibular canal using cone-beam computerized tomography.

Reports of four cases. J Hawaii Dent Assoc.

Literature review and case report. Radiographic study of the mental foramen in a selected Saudi population. A retrospective study of panoramic radiographs.

Hell Period Stomat Gnathopathoprosopike Cheir ;5: Implant Dent ; J Oral Health Res ;1: Pseudo bifid mandibular canal. Br Dent J ; Technological improvement of imaging techniques has provided alternatives for complete and precise evaluations. A year-old man was referred to his clinicians with persistent dull pain, 1 year after retrograde root canal treatment of tooth None, Conflict of Interest: Therefore, awareness of this condition is important.

Duplication of the mandibular canal.

Ibrahim Nasseh 1 and Georges Aoun 2. Four common mandibular nerve anomalies that lead to local anesthesia failures.


Bilateral bifid mandibular canal

Morphologic variations in the mandibular canal: Identification of double mandibular canals: Bifid mandibular canals in panoramic radiographs. Coronal sections of right mandible from 43 to 47 region showing linear hypodense line extending from inferior alveolar canal with tracing arrow Click here to view.

When we reviewed the literature regarding BMC, we encountered only a few case reports that had two mental foramens. Biifd various types of bifid mandibular canals have been classified according to anatomical location and configuration. Occasionally these branches are large enough that they have a secondary mandibular canal. The detection cxnal these anatomical variations is important because of its clinical implications.

Bifid inferior alveolar canal.