His instructional “Hindi Mnemonics” “ Forget Forgetting” and “Bhoolna Bhool Jaoge” is an expertise of 50 years and copied in thousands on the Internet. The Greatest Memory Technique Training Book -Bhoolana Bhool Jaoge · 18 मार्च ·. Are you suffering from Prosopagnosia? (Face Blindness). Test Now. 7 दिसंबर Book Name: Gk Tricks by RM Upadhyay; Size: KB; Pages: 71; Format: Download One Word Substitution Book PDF Notes For SSC/CGL.

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The book is mostly re-hashed information that has not been presented earlier, but the writing style makes it a book worth keeping. I often go blank in the middle of my examination.

I am not able to remember periodic tables, multiplication tables, English word Meanings, spellings, theorems, equations, formulae, lengthy texts etc. I feel sleepy soon after I open the book. I keep getting different thoughts while doing something or listening to a lecture.

Memory Workshops in India. I like some subjects but don t like few subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry of English etc. You must attend this memory workshop, if you are suffering from any one of the above memory challenges.

The Greatest Memory Training Book. He has been awarded best writers award and best viewed award by Google.

This book has all the memory techniques that are typically taught in memory courses and other memory books. Depending on your needs, you might like this book more, it’s got more examples on how to use the systems it introduces and is much lighter and a little less dry.


Shraman has conducted large number of Workshops, seminars, charity shows in colleges, universities, schools, clubs, and societies. I can t do bok puzzles, Sudoku or brain teasers. As with every other memory book, the techniques take no time to learn and effort, but work very well within a hour. The Memory Book In Hindi: Bank of Baroda, Branch: I don t know as to how my brain works or stores of remember information.

These helps in improving memory up to percent and more.

VPP will sent on special request only. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Mail for free seminars: The Memory Guru of India.

I am not clear about my life goals. I often get stuck in the middle of a speech while bhluana a presentation.

Memory Technique Training Book in Hindi

I have phobia of being alone, the crowd, heights, darkness, fire, water, cockroaches, girls, boys, and others. They are fun to read and almost never get boring. Bhoolana Bhool Jaoge, Page.

Homoeopathy in Colour Blindness. But how much will they recall? He has written bok number of lessons freely accessible for entire world. I want to over come from all these problems and make a new beginning by joining this unique memory workshop.

Request for Bhoolana Bhool Jaoge, Page. I am losing my memory as I am growing old. Fill order form below and submit to us. My library Help Advanced Book Search. I feel sudden headache, stomach pain, and fever just few days before examination.


I am not able to impress my teachers and always struggle in studies. Ishihara Test Chart Book.

Bhoolana Bhool Jaaoge: Forget Forgetting – N. L. Shraman – Google Books

Everyone will spend thousands of Rs. I suffer from examination fear. I lack self belief and suffer from inferiority complex. Book includes Guru Ganit, fastest mental math calculations. I am not creative and don t know as to how to use both sides of the brain.

Mrs Malti Shraman Publisher: I am not able to study for ling hours, I fell very exhausted, suffer from low concentration. I go from one room to another forget as to why I went. This Workshop is the insurance policy for those products that they recall the information.

User Review – Flag as inappropriate gh. For a book on memory techniques, this book doesn’t disappoint. No eBook available www. Students, Teachers, Working, Old Young.

Improve your brain health and performance

Even if they are sometimes introduced by other names, all bhulaba the techniques are variants and combinations of word-substitution link, peg, loci and phonetic letter for number substitution systems. The real strength of this book over others of its kind is the illustrations. Shraman has devised various new techniques especially for Indian students.