Carole Maso. Ava Klein, thirty-nine, lover of life, world traveler, professor of comparative literature, is dying. From her hospital bed on this, her. All articles below are freely available for dowload as PDF documents. Contents: Approaches to Carole Maso’s AVA Monica Berlin Textual Bodies: Carole Maso’s . Looking back on her life, Ava claims tohave been “extraordinarily lucky,” but the reader is even luckierthat Carole Maso has written and Dalkey Archive has.

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Every time I am asked who my female mentors are, like the Twitterverse was yesterday by ShelbyKnox I always jump to women authors. Her best known novel is probably Defiance, which was published in But the fragments and the staccato bursts of memory and letters, and sensations build over the course of the book to sketch out Jaso life. The spaces between the thoughts. I had gone in search of Colette, the great writer. Her acts were typically parasitic, vampiric. Sep 23, Nathan “N.

Experimental Reading (and Reviewing): ‘Ava’ by Carole Maso – BookPeople

She spells her name: Despite my abiding interest in extending he language of film, I find that people tend to pay more attention to the content–perhaps out of a longstanding, misguided notion that women, unlike men, are more concerned with content than with form.

Ava almost parallels in reverse one of my favourite novels: An experimental novel close in spirit to ” le noveau roman “, Ava paints a portrait of Ava Klein in words as she drifts between past and present in her last day of life.

Voice Literary Supplement What [Virginia Woolf] did for the prose rhythm of the paragraph, Maso has done for the sentence.


A heartwarming and heartbreaking final day of reminiscences and longing and fighting for life and acquiescing to the inevitable. And you will not be able to read it the same way twice. Give Carole Maso and her publisher an A for audacity. Completely disagree with it? What [Virginia Woolf] did for the prose rhythm of the paragraph, Maso has done for the sentence.

Form is a function of content, but one continuous disjointed narrative, as far as Great novel in verse.

Experimental Reading (and Reviewing): ‘Ava’ by Carole Maso

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It is a beautiful, circular mantra that reveals the details of her life slowly, lyrically.

She has lived to tell it. Through Ava, she earnestly attempts to articulate a love for the world that would carol be sentimental coming This is my favorite book, rivaled only by her first novel, Ghost Dance. One blurb advised reading this book slowly “with pleasure” or something — the way that the fragments were on the page with lots of white space made me want to read it quickly. View all posts by juliewbp. This book truly touched my heart in a way I have difficulty describing. People, places, offhand memories, and imaginary things drift in and out of Ava’s consciousness and weave their way through the narrative.

Praise AVA, Carole Maso’s third novel, is that rare event, a formal literary experiment that is also compelling as a work of fiction. This novel is experimental as it takes prose to a whole other level. Aav York Times Book Review. Presents heartbreakingly familiar emotions in an utterly original form. Books by Carole Maso.

AVA | Dalkey Archive Press

She’s a beautiful author I will probably never finish this book. Carole Maso is a contemporary American novelist and essayist, known for her experimental, poetic and fragmentary narratives often labeled as postmodern. Her specialty in life was seduction, and she employs it here on her self and her reader.


It took me awhile to get into this book because I shouldn’t have read what it said on the cover about the book. Ava by Carole Maso. We hear the voices of her parents, who survived the Treblinka death camp, and of her Aunt Sophie, who did not. The nurses interupt to take blood, to get her to roll onto her side.

There are lines from other writers throughout, including Eliot and Paul Celan and Lorca, as well as refrains of feminist thinkers Monique Wittig and Helene Cixous and the overarching figure of Collette.

What have we not done for mado sake? Ava, he says, live. So many lines where I just had to stop reading for a few minutes to breathe through them.

Let us celebrate, while youth lingers, and ideas flow And the seduction that is, that has always been carolw. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes experimental, beautiful prose. In this way, Maso is asking us to read ourselves into Ava, to identify with her in ways that we did not think possible before encountering the text. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Maybe this is because I expect my mentors to influence me, change me, become a part of me, and these avz and their writings have done just that. Notify me of new comments via email. Sep 27, Leilani Clark rated it it was amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.