The Arcam FMJ T32 is a pricey but downright fine-sounding DAB radio tuner for the discerning radio enthusiast. Find great deals for Arcam FMJ T32 Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The component-sized Arcam FMJ T32 tuner is a product designed for the hardcore radio enthusiast. It’s expensive, heavy and doesn’t have integral speakers.

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For Handsome, well-made object with big display locks solidly to signals dynamic, widescreen sound. Reader Rating 0 Votes.

It may not have high-end pretensions and it would indeed be seen off by a Magnum Dynalab or something of that ilk, but such models are rare and for a modest sum of money we can’t think off-hand of any current tuner that will outclass it for its combination of clarity, natural tonality and freedom from obvious reception nasties. Alternatives to NBN — home wireless broadband December 29, To make the most of your investment in one of our systems, we’d advise you to talk to one of our specialist dealers.

Read the What HiFi review. With gold-plated connectors, a Wolfson digital-to-analog converter and high performance preamps, the Arcam FMJ T32 is designed to deliver audiophile-quality output. Trials and Tribulations with Telstra November 22, DAB sound is less clearly differentiated from the competition: Gadgets Gadgets See all.

Arcam FMJ T32 Receiver

See our privacy policy for more information. There’s also an RS interface included. Music radio benefits from snappy low-frequency presence, good dynamic ability and shining, chunky treble sounds.

A highly cost-effective way of optimising the airwaves. Compare These Q Acoustics i. Station selection is via presets or the large front panel knob. Using the Arcam rDock or rLead full control of t23 iPod is delivered from the remote handset along with pristine audio quality. Having designed and manufactured radio tuners since the late s Arcam has a wealth of experience in delivering high performance from radio broadcasts. A bespoke iPod interface is also included allowing full integration of compatible iPods with any high performance music system using the rDock or rLead.


That last point requires some slight clarification, for this is after all not a ‘DX’ distant reception model and needs a reasonable amount of signal to work properly, but given that it is admirably immune to breakup or breakthrough, due to unwanted station frequency being too close to the one tuned in. It’s easy enough to build iPod connectivity into anything with some control logic in it, which these days means practically anything.

Do not use a free VPN — ever! The local ABC station came over tremendously clean and clear, which is just what’s required for speech-heavy listening — spoken voice has plenty of presence and body.

If not connecting an iPod the RS control input make the T32 a perfect radio tuner for custom installations using Crestron or AMX style system controls. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The same is largely true for iPod docks, though differences can be clearer with uncompressed audio. The Elac Debut B6. But, then again, why not? Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The Good Radio, both analog and digital, never sounded so good.

Arcam T32 review | What Hi-Fi?

Don’t show this again. At the price it’s not going to find its way fkj every system although we have occasionally seen it on sale for lessand even if your set-up justifies the outlay, the T32 won’t overly enjoy being partnered with a warm, rich amp’n’speakers combo.


Talented and engaging, this tmj a must-hear for tunerless midrange set-ups – and deals can often be had. Adding iPod functionality clearly makes sense and is very welcome, even if implementation is a little basic in the absence of video screen.

Remote required You’ll need the supplied cD90 universal remote control to get sense out of an iPod and it also helps with radio functions.

When we asked Arcam why the company chose a tuner to host this function, the answer was simple: These traits are apparent with FM broadcast too, and given a Radio 3-standard broadcast to deal with the T32 is a broad and authoritative performer.

Against A degree of care with system-matching is required. But, even with the modest aerials supplied in the box, the Arcam’s sensitivity made the most of what it pulled in. In all modes functions are basic but sufficient: All circuitry is fed from a toroidal power transformer and multiple low noise regulated dc power supplies with components mounted on double-sided fibreglass PCBs.

But where it does fit snugly, the Arcam is as bracing a tuner as we’ve heard in a good while. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in