Welcome to the homepage of Anneli Rufus. This page is about my book Party of One: the Loners’ Manifesto. Here we are, having this rendezvous without having . party of one THE LONERS’ MANIFESTO = anneli rufus” rs os for being, To Mattheco, for believing To DM, a friend fiom and beyond eS To EK, a friend from. Yet in the press, in films, in folklore, and nearly everywhere one looks, In Party of One Anneli Rufus – a Prize-winning, critically acclaimed.

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Aug 31, Ron rated it did not like it. This second edition of the pioneering ACT skills-training manual for clinicians provides a comprehensive update-essential for both experienced practitioners and those new to using ACT and its applications. Until I started reading this book, on Monday, I had previously held the misconception that I was defected for not being more social.

This engaging, practical book draws together scientific understanding, real life examples and proven methods in describing how you can develop seven essential skills that help your resilience grow.

This book is a personal scree on the joys and difficulties ot being a loner in a world of nonloners. Rufus must ultimately be identified as a crypto-anarchist and the pseudo-loner she discusses so often in regard to crime, because she longs to be asked about her writing while oh-so-nobly never bringing it up herself.

As a child, books were among my best friends. May 20, Arnie Kozak rated it really liked it. Whether you’re a clinician looking for in-depth training and better treatment outcomes for individual clients, a student seeking a better understanding of this powerful modality, or anyone interested in contextual behavioral science, this second edition provides a comprehensive revision to an important ACT resource.

Dec 08, Sheryl rated it it was amazing.

Interesting premise, but ultimately annoying. People that want to tell you a story, but do not want to have to look you in the eyes while doing so. This page is about aanneli book Party of One: Jul 19, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: Buy the book at Amazon. The chapter on religion is a train-wreck, full of a whole litany of falsehoods and bad assumptions about loners and religion.


PARTY OF ONE by Anneli Rufus | Kirkus Reviews

Them” for me to take it seriously, let alone enjoy it. Return to Book Page. The bad news is that our brains start to shrink from our mid-thirties. Perhaps this was a way of dealing with a life wherein my group of friends was constantly shifting, where I wasn’t sure if I would ever see any of my childhood friends again in my lifetime and I haven’t seen most of them.

I picked up this book because, in the past, I have often identified myself with this group “loners” and so I thought this would be an interesting read.

I like her basic premise, and she definitely seems like she has done her research. You are commenting using your WordPress. Age is Just a Number by Charles Eugster. Resilience is the ability to cope with and recover from difficult situations. Our Authors See all Authors.

I wanted to like this book more than I did. I responded humorously “that’s exactly the type of prejudice this book is trying to fight! People sometimes ask if it was hard, and I reply “I don’t think so. Good to find fellow ISTJs through blogging. It is terribly ironic that many who kill do so because they lack meaningful relationships with others.

Of course, the rest of the world doesn’t understand. The whole idea of loners being viewed as crazy is an uncomfortable one to face, especially when one prides himself on being a loner and maybe a touch different, though not altogether insane. Ugly caterpillars become beautiful butterflies when they come out of the cocoon.

This is why this website is ruufus wonderful. Rufuw least I wouldn’t be viewed that way. The writer goes into a great deal of detail to differentiate the above personality types with normal people who just like to be alone more rufu in the company of others.

Society consists of individuals moving as one. And the ome for the flaws is that it is over-passionate.

Believe me, I appreciate the need to present us as something other than Ted Kaczynski-types, but some of us are just normal people. Never noticed it before but it does seem every news report Every ‘loner’ has to have three copies of this book not in a Catcher in the Rye sorta way so the next time someone in your family or friend asks “why are you that way” you can just lend him this book.


She asserts compellingly that they are not the same thing, and that we do a disservice to true loners who are actually capable of deep friendships, just much more selective therein in trying to force them to be more social. I appreciate this book for its defense of loners like me, and I’m going to keep the book on my physical shelf as a talking point if nothing else, but I felt like the book was a little over-the-top.

Nov 29, Zezee rated it did not like it Shelves: It makes sense, but apparently not to this author who has a serious chip on her shoulder.

And time shared, even with true friends, often requires loners to put in extra time alone, overtime, to recharge. Being viewed as a touch crazy doesn’t much bother me.

Mainstream culture loves nonloners. I wish it had gone into more detail about the psychology of introversion.

PARTY OF ONE: The Loners’ Manifesto

Being a loner myself, I often wished the author would speak for herself. My book Party of One is about our subculture – the subculture that will never, by nature, join hands and whose voices will never, by nature, form a chorus. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! And trust me when I say we creative types do not need to be any more the objects of societal suspicion than we already are.

I feel weird when I start a book and obe finish it, even if I hate it. Jun 03, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: Information for Authors Press Booksellers and Distributors. Paperbackpages.