Andrija Puharich was one of the world’s leading innovotive scientists. {He passed away in } His primary work had been to bridge parapsychology and. Andrija Puharich: One Step Beyond. Andrija Puharich was born on February 19, in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Henry Karl Puharich. He is known for his work. Andrija Puharich, born Henry Karel Puharić (–) was a medical doctor and a parapsychology researcher, who endorsed psychic.

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The Psychedelic Shakespeare Solution presents: Andrija Puharich was one of the world’s leading innovotive scientists. An experimental researcher and physician, he had numerous patents granted in medicine, electronics, with some being nadrija for the treatment of hearing loss. Over twenty years ego, while on pjharich faculty of N. He is featured in a book called “Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife” by John G. He became more controversial in orthodox circles when he described his uncanny experiences with Uri Ge1ler in his best-se11ing book,” Uri.

Seeing that humanity faced a critical surviva1 test – neutralizing AIDS –Puharich focused his energies on this challenge.

It was during a N. He believes that the re1ationship between electromagnetic force fields and healing could 1ead to novel scientific breakthroughs. Afterwards, Reality Hackers, Lawrence Gerald talked with Puharich about his scientific work, and was treated to some candid and revealing remarks about the politics in the world of parapsychology.

They had Geller bending metal, teleporting things,demonstrating incidents of telepathy and clairvoyance-these things were happening all of the time. Well, unbeknownst to us at the time, there was another lab upstairs for ARPA-a computer network system. Somebody put two and two together and said: A squad of colonels came out from Washington to sniff around and watch Uri do his thing.

They came to me and said, “You know, our whole defense system is on computers and magnetic tapecards. Can this guy wipe them out? They learned that he could wipe out anything on computer tape. They said to me, “This guy could start World War 3! The SRI incident was witnessed by a lot of very credible people.

Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff conducted the experiments.

There were about 40 people on the team. I said, “I think he could but I don’t think he cares to. You’d have to pay him to do so. Hundreds of kids started to bend metal as a result of seeing him, either andrika tv or in puuarich.


So I told these Government agents that there’s a lion running right through all their countries. Any kid on a caper could blow up the whole thing.

So I think they gave up the idea of killing Geller. It didn’t seem practical anymore. The next idea was to discredit Geller through a disinformation campaign developed by Ray Hyman and “Amazing” Randi.

These turkeys concocted a smokescreen around Geller so that no xndrija would take him seriously.

Andrija Puharich

andrijq Do you know about Randi? Randi works for the Disinformation Department in the Department of Defense-high level research projects. He startedworking there in He makes things difficult forlegitimate psychic researchers. We can never get Randi to debate publicly. Peter Hurkos, the psychic, and myself, have challenged pkharich and he won’t deal with us.

Yet the average Joe would say “Geller’s a fake. But it’s all horseshit, you know. It became a CIA research center- even to this day. I know this because I trained many of the psychics involved in the psychic warfare operation.

I could tell you names, places, all that garbage. There are smokescreens deliberately set up to discredit parapsychology research or keep what they know concealed. When was the last time you spoke with Geller? When I was in London July ‘ Uri did get prosperous enough that he’s able to live around the world. A recent article reported that he made zndrija million dollars being in show business.

Not bad for an Extra-Terrestrial. What about your own career? You’ve achieved a certain amount of credibility in the straight scientific community, considering what you’re doing. Well, I’ve done my share of straight work. But you haven’t been afraid to risk your reputation doing parapyschology. Some people worry about it.

Your reputation is like a woman’s hymen. Once you’ve lost it, it’s gone forever. And a certain freedom opens up.

If your reputation’s at issue, it may mean that you’re on to something. When you’re a pioneer, you have to take risks.

The risks never bothered me. The fun overcomes all of that. I’ll never regret the time I spent in Brazil studying Puharih and bringing his adrija abilities to the attention of the world.

It was rough-being an M. The dean was always calling me up, “What. The county medical society called me in and I told them, “It’s all real. And they loved it!


I repeatedly took teams of doctors with me to study him up ’til about When you’re there watching him operate, you can’t believe it’s real. It shocks every sensibility. A guy walks up to him and Arigo says, “You’ve got a cancer near the pancreas. Pull up your shirt. There andrkja be a couple hundred people lined up around his house waiting to be next.

The average treatment was about two minutes. All this was done without anaesthesia or antisepsis.

It made medical practice look foolish. He made us look like idiots. We know nothing and he knew everything. So the book “Arigo, Surgeon of the Rusty Knife,” by John Fuller, was the only well-publicized information that came out about this work. Did you try and bring him to the U. I tried, but it was impossible because of the medical pressure.

When you’re in this field, you have special import immigration status for people with exceptional ability. That’s how I was able to bring in Peter Hurkos and Uri. But AMA pressure was too great.

Similar authors to follow

It was easier to go down to Brazil to the culture he was working in. It’s the only thing that’s gonna save us. These psychics are under the influence of a super high power. If there’s a radar signature coming over the North Pole that looks like a missile, you’d think they’d call up the technical experts.

No, they call up Peter. In ten seconds, he can tell if it’s a dud or if it’s real, and where it’s going. That’s a heavy responsibility. With all of your piharich with psychics, have nadrija ever wanted to go gambling with them? Just once, many years ago. I went to Las Vegas with a business partner. There were four of us, two werepsychic. We were looking to break the odds. There was one guy to pick out the best table, another to place the bet, and one to roll the dice.

After three hours we had twenty thousand.

Andrija Puharich – RationalWiki

That was my only experiment with that. You have finished a new book, “The Magnetic Model of Matter. All these can be seen as practical applications of your written work.