Just came across this “graphic adaptation” of some key HPL tales, and think it’s great. The album includes the adaptation of the following short. (réalisme pompier vs abstract forms), there are Alberto Breccia’s comics adapted from Cthulhu’s Myth’s Lovecraft. Indeed, to paint the fall in. Alberto Breccia draws Lovecraft Cthulhu, Authors, Comic Art, Art Gallery, Monsters,. Visit . «Les mythes de Cthulhu / Los mitos de Cthulhu.

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Alberto Breccia and The Power of Suggestion in Horror Comic’s Imagery | 73

brevcia Bloggery-pokery by Matt Cthilhu, comic artist and cat botherer; because ev’ry day’s a holiday in the wacky world of comics! I’ve read this series of articles many times, man, I’ve been a fan of Breccia for some years now but only recently I bought Los Mitos de Cthulhu by him and Sasturain I was impressed by specifically the Call Of Cthulhu adaptation, which indeed is actually an almost abstract comic.


I don’t know what a guy like McCloud would say about it, but I think bdeccia in a case like this the artwork is so obscure that the comic for a moment becomes illustrated prose, with the voice over narration basically hinting you about the indecipherable shapes and letting you connect the dots in your head Just my two cents.

Haha I also had the same photoshop idea after reading this book that you did. The exact same one.

File:Lovecraft HP Breccia Alberto Los mitos de – Monoskop

Wednesday, January 03, Alberto Breccia Part 2: El Eternauta to Lovecraft. Breccia Introduction Breccia Part 1: Mort Cinder Breccia Part 3: Both versions feature a time traveller the “eternaut” who visits Oesterheld to warn of a future disaster.

The much more political overtones of the albertl version may have helped contribute to Oesterheld’s eventual demise see part 3 of this article.

Los Mitos De Cthulu. Posted by Disraeli Demon at 6: Newer Post Older Post Home.


Make your own badge here. In-Depth Review Rotring Artpens: Introduction Breccia Part 1: Mort Cinder Breccia Part 2: El Eternauta albrto Lovecraft Breccia Part 3: Conclusion Alex Toth Belardinelli: About Me Disraeli Demon.