IBM AIX 5L Reference for HP-UX System Administrators. Installation disks. The AIX 5L Differences Guide Version , SG, and AIX 5L. Differences Guide . An interactive, menu-driven user interface. User assistance. Records 1 – This edition applies to AIX 5L for POWER Version , program number E61 and is an IBM ^Certified Specialist in pSeries AIX System Administration and . identify student’s readiness and assist in areas of selected. Student Notebook. ERC IBM certified course . Unit 1. Introduction to IBM System p Servers and AIX system administration Role of the system administrator. All partitions running AIX 5L V and Linux are static partitions which.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. A Guide for System Administrators advertisement. AIX 5L and Solaris: The system configuration storage facility in AIX 5L15 1. The inittab file and the Object Data Manager.

Introduction to IBM System p. Disks and file systems. A Guide for System Administrators 4. A Guide for System Administrators 7.


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AIX 5L System Administration I: Implementation (Q) IBM Instructors Demonstrate

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This book presents a system administrator view of the technical differences that exist and the methods that are necessary to complete a successful migration to AIX sysstem systems.

This book is designed primarily as a reference for experienced Sun Solaris 8 or 9 system administrators who will be working with AIX 5L. This book is not an AIX 5L administration how-to book for system administrators who are beginners, but rather a guide for experienced administrators who have to translate a given Solaris system administration task to AIX 5L.

This book is organized into three main parts: The chapters in this Part focus on specific configuration management tasks and system functions for which a system administrator is typically responsible. In each chapter, topics are discussed with the goal of identifying the major differences between how the tasks and functions are managed on Solaris and on AIX 5L.

Because it is impossible to provide a comprehensive reference about each topic in a single volume, references are provided for finding more detailed information about the topics presented in each chapter. In her current position, she provides hands on technical support and consulting services to IBM customers worldwide.

Jan has over 20 years experience in the IT industry, including five years at the University of Texas Center for High Performance Computing, where she provided technical support to the administraion of researchers and students using the Cray, Convex, AIX 5L, Sun, and Silicon Graphics-based computing systems. He provides technical and problem-solving support for EDS customers, handling complex and critical scenarios. He has experience in working on cross UNIX platforms on many migration and consolidation projects.

The production of this IBM Redbook was managed by: In his current role, Chris notebool in managing content development projects focused on Linux and AIX 5L systems engineering. Become a published author Join us for a two-week to six-week residency program! Help adninistration an IBM Redbook dealing with specific products or solutions, while getting hands-on experience with leading-edge technologies. Your efforts will help increase product acceptance and customer satisfaction.

As a bonus, you will develop a network of contacts in IBM development labs, and increase administratiob productivity and marketability.

Find out more about the residency program, browse the residency index, and apply online at: Send us your comments about this or other IBM Redbooks in one of the following ways: A Guide ai System Administrators 1 Chapter 1. Approaches to administration This chapter provides a high-level overview of the conceptual differences between Solaris and AIX 5L. This chapter provides the fundamental technical background that is necessary for system administrators to understand the differences between Solaris and AIX 5L.


This chapter contains information about the following topics: Solaris relies heavily on text-based configuration files to hold its system configuration. When making changes to a Solaris system, the administrator usually looks for the relevant configuration file to edit. The administrator then determines the action that must be taken for the changes to take effect.

The ODM is a binary database that cannot be edited with a text editor. However, there are a few AIX 5L settings that require manual text editing. The tools provide a listing of all the parameters, and perform some validation on the inputs to these parameters. An example An example of a networking-related task that a Solaris ajx AIX 5L system administratiin must perform routinely is defining a new network interface for an existing system.

In Solaris, this requires manual editing of configuration files to make the interface definition consistent across reboots, and manual configuration of the interface to make the interface active without a reboot. Even if the update to the system can be performed online, it is akx good practice to reboot the system to ensure that the changes to the configuration files are correct and will remain after reboot.

The SMIT updates the configuration for the interface in the system configuration and brings the interface online. Because the SMIT combines both the steps into zystem validated command, it is not necessary to perform a reboot to verify that the system configuration is correct and that xtudent interface persists across reboots. For more details about this, refer to Chapter 7. When you work with AIX 5L, you will notice that just about all the errors from commands have a number associated with them Example xix You can refer to these message numbers in the AIX 5L documentation sysem you require more information about the cause of the error message and the solution to the error message.

Approaches to administration 5 Figure shows how to use the message center to query for information about the seven-digit error message shown in Example Figure AIX 5L message center: A Guide for System Administrators Figure shows the results of the query. It allows an administrator who is new to AIX 5L to quickly perform tasks without spending time looking through manuals for the required command and syntax.

For its part, AIX 5L has an integrated task-based tool. One of the best things about SMIT is that it is task-based. If you know what you want to do, but do not know Chapter 1. Approaches to administration 7 the command to perform this, you can easily find administratiion way through the menus to the required task.

Sun Solaris to IBM AIX 5L Migration: A Guide for System Administrators

A Guide for System Administrators 1. A selector screen is a special version of a dialog screen in which there is only one value to change. This value of studsnt object is used to determine which subsequent dialog screen is displayed.

Approaches to administration 9 1.

A dialog screen allows you to enter input values for the selected operation. Some fields already have the default values in the system. Usually, you can change these values. To enter data, move the highlighted bar to the value you want to change and then, either enter a value or select one from a pop-up list. Fields that you can type into are indicated by square brackets []. Add a Group Type or select values in entry fields. Special symbols on the screen are used to indicate how data must be entered.