AFI 36-2604 PDF

Supersedes AFI , 1 July Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction explains how to compute service dates and dates of rank and. AFI , Reserve of the Air Force Officer Promotions (formerly AFR AFI , Service Dates and Dates of Rank (formerly AFR ). Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Privacy Act Program, . Advises students and explains changes to AFI , Service Dates and.

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SrA Promotions see Table 1.

Initiate nonrecommendation and removal action when necessary. The MPF Commander will provide a recommendation when forwarding a case file to the wing commander.

AFI 36-2502

Airmen within 6 months of reassignment, separation, or retirement are ineligible for promotion. The airman must maintain a satisfactory scholastic record in the course and is otherwise eligible for promotion. Minimum Eligibility Requirements For Promotion 63-2604 note 1.

Airmen whose promotion was withheld and later changed to a deferral will receive a DOR and effective date as the 1st day of the month after termination of the deferral period. The immediate commander may initiate aafi terminate withhold action for periods of less than 1 year for A1C through CMSgt.

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The order will include grade, name, SSN, AFSC, functional code, position control number, designation and address of the Reserve unit of assignment, Reserve of the Air Force grade to which promoted, and the authority.

Preparing for promotion testing is solely an individual responsibility and should not be considered an item for enlisted professional development.

SrA BTZ is a one-time promotion consideration to advance to SrA six months prior qfi the fully qualified phase point listed in paragraph 2. Assists MPFs with eligibility requirements and commander recommendations. Promotions effected under paragraph 4.


Grant PAFSC skill level-waivers for documented interruptions in 36-204 training that prevents the airman from upgrading. The decoration closeout date must be on or before the PECD.

There does not have to be a higher grade position vacancy for promotion to the grades of Amn through SSgt. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. These individuals will test under WAPS.

The wing commander has final approval or disapproval authority. Once signed, do not reverse the decision without unit commander and 3-2604 Commander concurrence. Returns late master rosters to the promotion authority. Members must complete the required number of satisfactory years for retirement as of their last retention or retirement date.

This procedure is used to reinstate promotion eligibility to all grades. The Paperwork Reduction Act of as amended in affects this instruction.

Airmen can take the SKT by signing a statement. Forwards the select list to the MPFs.

Appoints board members for the SNCO evaluation board. Desires to promote a member not on the eligibility roster sand member meets all requirements in Table 4. Distribute computer generated DVR to eligible airmen so they can review the data used in the promotion selection process.

Divide that sum by the sum of the time weighted factors added together for the promotion performance factor A vacancy exists within an AFSC excluding prefix and suffix if the number assigned in the next higher grade in that AFSC is less than the number authorized.

Commanders should consider recommendations of the Treatment Team TT. Records the panel considers and chooses not to rescore are nonselectees. Lines through the names on the master roster of individuals not selected for promotion. Approves or disapproves the promotion board’s recommendations. Verbal orders are published when orders were not previously issued, reflecting DOR and effective date as the date of the original promotion date.


The promotion authority must make a promotion decision, in writing, upon completion of the deferral period.

Also, a DBH report is not required for airmen who successfully appeal a report and had it removed; however, if the commander recommends the airman for SrA BTZ, then the commander may direct a report.

Individuals selected and assigned a. Commanders may conduct ceremonies on the last duty day before the promotion effective date and inform the member that ceremonies do not affect pay, seniority, or entitlements. The promotion authority may still deny the airman promotion consideration by disapproving a PAFSC skill-level waiver.

This authority may be delegated to the vice commander, staff director, director for personnel, or numbered Air Force. The board president will review the record of any airman a panel determines as NFQ. The airman must meet eligibility requirements by the last day of the month prior to the promotion month. If the order cites a later date, do not use a date later than the release date from IADT 4. If the airman is notified verbally prior to effective date, and written notification is followed up after effective date of promotion, include a statement confirming the airman was verbally notified not to assume the higher grade prior to the effective date of promotion.