the battery symbol you see here will be used consistently irrespective of the. The name of this feature is a “list server” it’s a kind of e-mail box that. How it Works Articles. Aviation Interest and Commentary.

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In addition to the bound paper-back book, the ‘Connection is now available in. PDF format on CD. The popular and widely distributed collection of power distribution diagrams in Appendix Z have been updated. Battery and Alternator chapters are new. Over 15, readers in 30 countries.

AeroElectric Connection – Publications

Written, illustrated and published by an engineer and educator with 46 years experience in aviation electrical and electronics systems design. I do electrical designs for a living and I learned a LOT from this book. If you are planning to wire your own airplane then you MUST buy this book. Besides, Bob spends a bunch of time on the AeroElectric list answering our questions and asks nothing in return. Go buy the book. Over the course of building I have had the experience to read a great deal of information books, manuals, magazines etc.

  GB 2099.1 PDF

I wanted to let you know that your AeroElectric Connection was an excellent document and was without question some of the best money I have spent on any of the airplane requirements. I hope that you will continue with your excellent work.

I am pleased beyond expectation! I really like the full spectrum treatment.

AeroElectric Connection

The historical perspectives are excellent. Very nice reading as well as technical reference. I’ve connsction your list and I managed to pick up an originally packed Turbo CAD version 12 here in Germany for a rather reasonable price from Amazon.

Ebay offerings in the states didn’t offer an option for overseas shipping. I can’t wait to get your CD and get stuck in to the electrics of my project.

I’ve just been burning the midnight oil reading the FAQ’s I downloaded from your website. I salute you and thank you once again for the great service you are providing to the homebuilding community. You have certainly deserved aeroelecteic guru status when it comes to taming electrons and putting them to useful work in our homebuilt aircraft. Keep up the good work!


Reference Library:

A duplicate of aerolectric. AutoCAD drawings of wirebooks in progress. Symbol library used by the ‘Connection in our publications and wiring diagrams.

Conneftion Circular AC FARs 21, 23, 25, 43, 61, 67, 71, 91 and A 24 module basic electronics training course published by the US Navy. There’s also an excellent DC electronics tutorial found on the ‘net.