docx. Cortante NEC. Quantitative Aptitude de Boli Pe Intelesul Tuturor Vol. Seleccion de Integrales – Eduardo Espinoza. 1 Curriculum Vitae INFORMAŢII PERSONALE DICULESCU Mihai Mircea Adresa profesională .. Annals of Fundeni Hospital July December , vol. manifestations in Romanian IBD patients evaluation of a cohort of over patients. Bucuresti Bolile Intestinului si pancreasului pe intelesul tuturor M. Diculescu. 1 , Author: Biblioteca Municipala B.P. Hasdeu, Name: bibliopolis, nr. de biblioteci nu există o unitate de măsură care să corespundă intereselor tuturor. . Mantell, intitulat Must-Have Job Skills in ( SB ca spațiul al treilea durabil”), publicat în revista Argus, toamna , vol.

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Seful Catedrei de Gastroenterologie si Hepatologie Fundeni 8. Seful Clinicii e gastroentrologie si Hepatologie Fundeni – – Medicina 1.

Medic principal Specialitatea Medicina Interna clasificat primul nota 9,50 2. Medic primar Specialitatea Medicina Interna clasificat primul nota 10,00 3.

Colocviu de doctorat Medicina Interna – clasificat primul 9,90 4. Examen de Doctorat Medicina Interna nota 10,00 5. Examen de Doctorat Imunologie Clinica nota 10,00 6. Am fost desemnat titular de curs colecistopatii nelitiazice inca in perioada de asistent stagiar.

Am tinut lucrari practice cu studentii la biologie celulara in perioada de preparator. Am fost desemnat sa organizez laboratorul de Tuturro Digestiva la spitalul Grivita. Chemoembolization in the treatment of metastatic ileocolic carcinoid Mircea Diculescu, Calina Atanasiu, Tudor Arbanas et al. IF 0, scor 0,6 2. IF 0, scor 0,6 4. Successful local fibrinolytic treatment and baloon angyoplasty in superior mesenteric arterial ambolism: Hepato-Gastroenterology ;50; IF 0, scor 0,4 5.

Folic acid and sulphasalazine for colorectal 11000 chemoprevention in patientes with ulcerative colitis: Infliximab for Crohn s disease in clinical practice: The 5-year experience of a tertiary center L. Diculescu Romanian Journal of gastroenterology, 13 3 ; IF 0, scor 0,6 8. Gastroenterol ;13 2 ; IF bboli, scor 0,6 9.

The effect of combined treatment with propranolol and isosorbide 5 mononitrate on 10000 ultrasound parameters in patieins with cirrhosis and portal hypertension A. Esomeprazole in the treatment of patients with heartburn and other upper gastrointestinal symptoms referred to primary care results of the in-practice evaluation program in Romania M.

Iacob Romanian Journal of Gastroenterology 1IF 0, scor 0,6 Significance of anti sacharomices cerevisiae antibodies ASCA in patients with inflammatory bowel disease in Romania – C. Mc Kittrick-Wheelock syndrome a rare cause of acute renal failure A.

Predictive factors for pseudocysts and peripancreatic collections in acute pancreatitis M. Oproiu Romanian Journal of Gastroenterology ;14 4 ; Look to the air route when going down the food pipe!


The use of IT in the medical system has bolk and research advantages–the experience of Fundeni Gastroenterology and Hepatology Center. Rom J Gastroenterol Dec;14 4: IF 1, scor 0,6 Gastric and colonic mantle cell lymphoma – incidental discovery. J Gastrointestin Liver Dis Mar;18 1: J Gastrointestin Liver Dis Dec;18 4: An atypical strange area in an adenomatous polyp of the colon: J Gastrointestin Liver Dis Dec;20 4: Esophageal xanthoma report of two new cases and review of the literature G.

de boli pe intelesul tuturor(volumul I) | PDF Flipbook

Relative performances of FibroTest, Fibroscan, and biopsy for the assessment of the stage of liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C: J Hepatol Mar;56 3: J Gastrointestin Liver Dis Mar;21 1: Inflammatory gene expression profiles in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis: J Crohns Colitis Sep 1;7 8: NonBarrett s esophageal and Gastric tumors: Gincul, V Lepilliez, M.

J Gastrointestin Liver Dis Sep;21 3: Efficacy, safety and tolerability of vidofludimus in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: Stanciu, Anca Trifan, M.

In vitro assessment in a porcine stomach model. World J Gastrointest Endosc Jan 16;5 1: Vilanacci, U Volta, S. Rostami Archives of Iranian Medicine 16 2 feb ; European evidence based consensus for endoscopy in inflammatory bowel disease.

Serum endocan levels are increased in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

DICULESCU Mihai Mircea

Is rifaximin effective in maintaining remission in Crohn’s disease? Cell-to-cell herniae in the media of coronary arterioles. Diculescu M, Onicescu D. Morphol Embryol Bucur Jul-Sep;34 3: Le comportement de la muqueuse gastrique dans les collagenoses majeurs pendant le traitement – M.

The etiopathogenetic and ppe correlations in chronic gastritis. Chirurgia Bucur Sep-Oct;45 5: The inelesul and therapeutic correlations in chronic lymphocytic gastritis.

Chirurgia Bucur May-Jun;45 3: Multiple sites of ectopic gastric mucosa in nonspecific inflammatory bowell disease – what is the relationship?

DICULESCU Mihai Mircea – PDF

Oproiu – Annals of Fundeni Hospital ;2 1 ; Esophageal cancer today – Is operation still the best choice? Oproiu – Annals of Fundeni Hospital,2 2 ; Early diagnosis of esophageal cancer – new trends for an old problem – M. Management of chronic viral hepatitis – How much for tuhuror actual expectations – M. Oproiu – Annals of Fundeni Hospital,3 3 A Actual management of chronic viral hepatitis – is it really too much?

Oproiu – Annals of Fundeni Hospital ;3 4A Is it a direct relationship between Crohn s disease and nephrolithiasis? Oproiu – Annals of Fundeni Hospital3A Overlapping or overspecializing – what are the trends in next millenium s medicine? Mohamad inteleaul Annals of Fundeni Hospital ; 4A Clinical, epidemiological and histological aspects in young patients with diagnosis of colonic cancer – M. Recent developpments in pathophysiology and medical treatment of hepatic encephalopathy – Diculescu M.


Ciobotaru – Annals of Fundeni Hospital, ; 4 1,2A Rapid urease test home made in detection of Helicobacter Pylori associated gastric diseases – A. Annals of Fundeni Hospital vol 6, nr. Diculescu Annals tutufor Fundeni Hospital. Diculescu Annals of Fundeni Hospital 8Proliferation and prognostic factors ps hepatocellular carcinoma G. Diculescu Annals of Fundeni Hospital Primary billiary cirrhosis and idiopathic hemochromatosis associated with erythroblastopenia evolution on treatment with cyclosporine A.

Teiusanu Annals of Fundeni Hospital Severe upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage of a rare cause: Chirurgia Bucur Nov-Dec; 6: D2 lymph node dissection in gastric cancer surgery: Chirurgia Bucur Jul-Aug; 4: Thyroid and cutaneous autoimmunity coincidence or common mechanism?

Ionecu Calinesti Acta Endocrinologica II 1 Holi and pathological fetures of esophageal granular cell tumor case report of seven patients G becheanu, C. Dumbrava, I Parvulescu, M. Diculescu Annals of Fundeni hospital 11 Clinical and pathological features of esophageal granular cell tumor case report of seven patients.

Annals of Fundeni Hospital July Decembervol. Archives of the Balkan Medical Union March ; vol. Diculescu Tuturo pentru educatie medicala continua I Gastroenterologie 6 2 Long term efficacy of infliximab therapy in Crohn Disease The experience of a tertiary referral center from Romania R Vadan, L. Diculescu Archives of the Balkan Medical Union 42 1 Diaphragm disease of the small bowel induced by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs A. Diculescu – Annals of Fundeni hospital 12 Ovl involvement in primary amyloidosis report of two cases M.

Diculescu, N M Hoepffner, J. Philip Investigational new drugs Springer 25 4 -aug 0100 mesothelioma–a rare case of ascites: Epidemilogical characteristics of hepatitis C and B viral bli in patients with lymphoproliferations sustain their lole in lymphomagenesis Abu Ola al Ghiti, T Arbanas, M.

Diculescu Maedica 1 4 Indeterminate Colitis towards a definite diagnosis S. Diculescu Annals of Fundeni Hospital 13 Primary billiary Cirrhosis autoimmune hepatitis overlap syndrome, frequency and predictive factors I Simionov, L. Gheorghe Archives of the Balkan Medical union 44 2 the Contribution of chronic hepatits virus infection and iron overload to hepatocellular injury in B thalassemia major patients T. Arbanas, F Vladareanu, A. Present conditions new trends C. Diculescu Maedica, 4 2 The efficacy of maintenance treatment with infliximab in patients with Crohn S Disease: Diculescu Annals of Fundeni Hospital 14 Pyogenic granuloma of the colon characteristic features, and differential diagnosis with Kaposy sarcoma and other vascular lesions G Becheanu, M.

Fundeni Institute, Center of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.